Legal CSGO Gambling In Canada- The Best Sportsbook Sites

  • There are only a few legal CSGO gambling sites in Canada
  • In most of these sites you're going to have to gamble by depositing money, not skins
  • The most expensive CSGO skin has been sold at $61000
legal CSGO gambling

Even if you’re not interested in esports or video games, there’s a high chance that you’ve heard of CSGO. CSGO or a Counter Strike-Global Offensive is a multiplayer, first-person shooting game. It’s the fourth game in the series of the Counter Strikes games. Now that this version has gotten available for free, more people are getting into it. Thus, the question of whether CSGO gambling in Canada is legal or not has come to the attention of many.

CSGO is one of the earliest members of the video-games’ community. The players of the game have started learning the ways to earn money from the game while playing it. There are many ways how the players put their hours of hard work spent in the game into good use. You can sell your account after reaching a high enough rank. If you’re good enough you can participate in some local tournaments or you can bet on the matches with online sportsbooks in Canada. More stable, yet not that rewarding at first is to stream or upload content. One of the most common, yet instantly rewarding ways the players use to make money is to participate in CSGO gambling.

What is CSGO gambling?

In a CSGO gambling, the currency is usually the skins. The skins are either graphic or audio changes in the player’s character. There are a few different ways users can get hold of a skin. There are skin drop-ins during the game which is completely random. Or you can buy keys to a vault which may contain skin inside. Also, there is kind of a black market for the skins where you can buy skins for cheap.

At first, the players used to deposit money to the multiplayer platform Steam. The cash will be converted into a currency with which you can buy skins. However, since it’s not possible to convert it back to cash, the players started to get frustrated with the system.

That’s when CSGO gambling has come into a picture. In esports’ matches, it has become possible to bet with skins instead of actual cash. The players will bet with as many skins as they want on the outcome of the game. The skins they’re betting will be locked outside of their Steam library while the game is live. Once the game is over, the players either lose their skin or get it back along with the skins they’ve won. In a way, skins have become a legitimate online currency. Depending on the popularity and how rare the skin is the price changes. Starting from only a few dollars it can go up to $61000.

Since CSGO is one of the most popular video games in the world, you can find a match to bet on almost every day. Finding the legal ones out of all of these is important. In most of the third-party platforms, you can participate in legal CSGO gambling by depositing money into your account in the site.

legal CSGO gambling
CSGO Gameplay – Image source: Flickr

Is CSGO gambling legal?

Since there have been problems with minors gambling, the legal CSGO gambling has been under attack for a while. In order to ensure that the CSGO gambling process in Canada is fully legal, the need for legislation has come to discussion.

Now only the ones with legitimate licenses are allowed to run legal CSGO gambling in Canada. Despite the efforts of lawmakers, there are many sites running illegally. Unfortunately, these sites often target underage fans of CSGO since they’re more vulnerable financially. So in order to ensure your account and financial information’s safety, it’s important to make sure that the sites you’re using are legal. Whether you’ll get your money back or not depends solely on the site.

Legal CSGO gambling sites in Canada

1xBET Sportsbook

Out of all the other online gambling sites in Canada, the 1xBET Sportsbook takes the crown when it comes to legal CSGO gambling. It’s one of the sites to introduce betting on esports as part of a sports betting. There are around 40 different types of sports to bet on, and esports is a big part of it. There’s almost always some CSGO match going around that’s available to bet on. Check out a more detailed review about 1xBET Sportsbook from our site.

Click here to visit the 1xBET Sportsbook


If the user interface and site’s design is something that you’re into, the Bodog Sportsbook is your best choice. Not only the look of the site is appealing, to say the least, what the site is offering is irresistible. In the esports section of the site, you can participate in legal CSGO gambling in Canada. Even though the bonuses and promotions are not that much in Bodog  Sportsbook, the easy banking options and competitive betting odds makes up for it.

Click here to visit the Bodog Sportsbook

22BET Sportsbook

22BET Sportsbook is relatively new to the sports betting market, but this doesn’t in any way mean that they are lacking in any way. On the contrary, they have the most variety when it comes to esports betting. Since the site’s minimum withdrawal and deposit amounts are fairly low, it’s compatible with every budget.

Click here to visit the 22BET Sportsbook

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