Massachusetts Sports Betting – Here We Go Again


Posted: July 20, 2021

Updated: July 20, 2021

  • Massachusetts has been discussing sports betting for two years now
  • It seems like the debates are getting new legislation done
  • What is the future for sports wagering in the Bay State?

In case you are someone, who is regularly gambling in the US, you probably keep up with the latest legislation of each state. And as such, you might know about the quest Massachusetts has: legalizing sports betting. They have been on for it the past two years, and now it has come closer than it has ever been. Here are the details!

Here we go again! It is the first time this year, that Massachusetts brings its legal sports betting initiative to a new committee. For the past two years, they have been on and off about the debate regarding sports betting. However, they have never ever reached a consensus. Could this be the time when they can move forward with the two bills? Is it possible that SB 269 and HB 506 make their way finally? Can Massachusetts join the neighboring states and launch its own sports betting agenda? Well, we will surely see that in the very near future!

Gambling in the Bay State

According to “Gambling laws are rather supportive in the state of Massachusetts as they have many approved forms of gaming. Not only is pari-mutuel wagering legal with horses and dogs both on and off-track but the state has approved commercial and tribal casinos with the thought of adding more. The one caveat is sports betting as the state has yet to regulate any standards in this industry.” But how exactly are this sports betting in Massachusetts right now?

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They also claim that this state has one of the more interesting markets. Massachusetts is the origin state of some of the biggest operators in sports betting. Also, it is home to the Boston Celtics and the New England Patriots. These are two of the biggest franchises in American sports! So, although they have not regulated sports betting officially, operators all over the state are looking forward to getting to this market! Just think about it: it is a great market for online sportsbook sites in the US! No surprise that operators, like Intertops, would dive into that!

Massachusetts Sports Betting
Boston, Massachusetts

Sports betting in Massachusetts

However, this whole thing could change, as residents might soon be able to wager on sports. You may ask, how come? Well, there are two separate bills (SB 269 and HB 506) moving forward! They could proceed as the Joint Committee on Economic Development and Emerging Technologies open voting polls on the topic among its members. The members of the committee had to vote on the bills last week, but the updates on that are not yet public. Let us just imagine, that they approve it! That would mean that Senator Eric Lesser’s bill (SB 269) will move to the Senate. There, it would be scheduled for another voting session. In the meantime, the other bill (HB 506) would move to the House

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Time to wait it out!

This has been an interesting period for both gamblers and operators in and around the Bay State. It is because the realization of legal sports betting in Massachusetts has never been so close. If it is a success, then it will change the life of sports wagers all around the state, that is for sure. They will not make their bets outside of the state – not to mention illegal gambling! ¬–, and this way, they will contribute to the till of Massachusetts. And what about online gambling sites in the US? There are surely many of them are eager to get into a whole new and pure market! This contains so many possibilities and a group of wagers just wanting to bet. And that is why the biggest operators, such as Intertops, could be happy to join. But still: we have to wait and see!

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