Masterchef Australia 2021 Odds – Who Is To Have The Trophy?

  • Here is the history of the most popular cooking game show
  • The Masterchef Australia is back with the 13th season!
  • Masterchef Australia 2021 odds: who will win?
Masterchef Australia 2021 Odds

They are ready to cook something up again! The Masterchef Australia is back in 2021, and bookmakers already have odds on the contestants. The show premiered on April 19th, so there is still time for you to decide who to put your money on.

The Masterchef series is one of the most popular television shows, and probably the most popular cooking game show of all time. It is exciting, it is fun, and you can even learn a trick or two from it! For those, who like cooking, it is a must-watch show, but those who are not fond of cooking can also enjoy it. And of course, gamblers are all in for it – and bookmakers are ready for that! You can already find odds on online sportsbook sites in Australia about the Masterchef Australia 2021! Keep on reading to find out more about the show, and to see predictions you can bet on!

The Masterchef-story

The original Masterchef television show is based in Great Britain. However, several countries adopted their own version. The best known is probably the American one, starring Gordon Ramsey. The Australian version is produced by Shine Australia and is on Network 10. It already had four spinoffs: Celebrity MasterChef Australia, Junior Masterchef Australia, Masterchef Australia All-Stars, and Masterchef Australia: The Professionals. Right now, the producers prefer to focus on the original show, so they more or less stopped creating the spinoffs. The television program started airing in 2009, and this year, it already has its 13th season. Just like every year, they started with 24 contestants. One of them is going to get the Masterchef trophy, but we have several tasty and exciting moments until that happens. To make it even more exciting, you can already check out the odds on Masterchef Australia 2021 and place your bets!

Masterchef Australia 2021 Odds
Let’s cook!

Masterchef Australia 2021

The Masterchef Australia is back with its thirteenth series! The cooking game show premiered on 19th April 2021 – still on Network 10. The previous three judges, Andy Allen, Melissa Leong, and Jock Zonfrillo returned for this year again. The applications for the contestants were open between April and August last year. The show started airing on 19th April, and on the two opening days, they announced the 24 lucky contestants. There were not many changes in the game, except for the Immunity Pins – there were only three up for grabs, but could be used at any point of the contest. But everything else remains the same: there will be a lot of cooking, a lot of tension, countless amazing foods during the mystery box, the immunity, and team challenges. And there is also an option for you to place your bets! See the odds on Masterchef Australia 2021 on Unibet!

Odds on Masterchef Australia 2021

As mentioned above, they started out with 24 contestants. But of course, it is something that changes from week to week. Until May 9th, the judges already eliminated 6 players from the cooking show. However, there are still 18 great chefs to bet on Unibet! You can always check out online gambling news sites in Australia, or you can rely on the odds given to you by bookmakers. According to them at Unibet, the chef with the most chance to become Australia’s next Masterchef is Pete Campbell. He is the frontrunner with an odds of 2.25. He is followed by Kishwar Chowdhury with odds of 2.75.

Masterchef Australia 2021 Odds
Who will be the best?

The rest of the players are a little bit left behind. Sabina Newton is the third with odds of 5.00, followed by Justin Narayan (7.50). The next is Elise Pulbrook with odds 10, and then Therese Lum with 11.00. Tom Levick and Aaron Sanders are both standing with odds of 15.00. According to bookies, Linda Dalrymple and Scott Bagnell have the least chances to win with odds of 41.00. Of course, there is still a lot of time before they announce a winner. However, you can already bet on the Masterchef Australia 2021 with the odds seen here!

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