Most Expensive Poker Decks – Top 8 Expensive Collections


Posted: July 2, 2022

Updated: July 2, 2022

  • Gucci and Dior playing cards are worth it
  • The rarest poker deck is branded by Microsoft
  • Most expensive poker decks

If you are a true poker player, then maybe you wanted to have a token of your devotion to the game. Therefore, you should check out the most expensive poker decks. These are super valuable collections of cards. However, you should make sure to buy something you like and has value to you. Because you can use these during poker tables, or you can simply just keep them as a collectible. However, they do have a small investment value.

Therefore, if you reserve them, you can keep their slowly increasing value. Furthermore, you shouldn’t shy away from buying one of these decks even if you are only frequenting the online poker sites in the US. We have collected the 8 most expensive and popular decks available to purchase. Already an owner of one of these? Then check out our list of the 5 most expensive poker chips.

8. Federal 52 – Most Expensive Poker Decks

The Federal 52 is not one of the most expensive poker decks. However, if you value money and poker together, then this is the perfect budget token you can purchase. Because the Federal 52 has a unique design. Jackson Robinson, the designer of Federal 52 has designed the cards in the style of an American banknote.

Therefore, owning a deck of Federal 52 looks super rich and fancy on a poker table. Furthermore, it is an iconic piece of poker history. Therefore, you should try to buy one for yourself. The current price of a fresh deck of the original Federal 52 is roughly €24.80. However, on Kickstarter, you can find decks inspired by Federal 52 that may cost up to $500.

7. Memento Mori Holographic

The Memento Mori Holographic depiction deck costs around $39.95. Therefore, it is still not one of the most expensive poker decks. However, if you are looking for the greatest aesthetics by the table, then you know what to purchase. Because Memento Mori brings you an elegant holographic display on the cards.

Most Expensive Poker Decks
Picture Source: PixaHive

The artwork is modern, yet subtle enough to not be annoying. Furthermore, they are all created in a vector style. These cards are not the most ideal to play at serious tables. However, if you are playing with friends then these will make you look cool. The cards are made out of top-quality materials. Therefore, you aren’t buying cheap plastic holographic cards with this.

6. Blue Blood – Most Expensive Poker Decks

According to The Second Angle, Blue Blood is one of the most expensive poker decks. It is the first on the list of actually expensive cards. Because the price is moving around $100. However, the design and elegance of this card are priceless. Because it has one of the most beautiful painted artwork. Furthermore, it has a calm, blue colorization that creates an extravagant feel to it.

Most Expensive Poker Decks
Picture Source: PixaHive

Therefore, the artwork is inspired by Eastern artwork, mainly Chinese and Japanese culture and religion. You can see artworks of gesas, flying serpents, jokers, and samurais. However, they are painted with a water brush style. Therefore, these cards would fit extremely well in casinos such as The Ritz in England. This card is so beautiful that you should buy it even if you prefer online casinos. Fiddle with them while playing at Juicy Stakes.

5. Zenith Encarded Signature Series

We have a list of the 7 most expensive things to buy after winning big in casinos. However, the $200 is no price for the beautiful value the Zenith Encarded Signature Series represents. Because these are not only beautiful but creative and artistic. The cards are designed in a way that each card represents a piece of the mandala.

Therefore, when you are spreading the cards across the table in a circular shape, they will form a big mandala added together. This is one of those cards that could elevate the mood and vibe of your table. This is why Zenith is one of the most expensive poker decks for you to buy. However, you wouldn’t be left unsatisfied with this one.

4. Dior Playing Cards

We know that some people look down upon brands such as Dior, Gucci, and Versace for their expensive wares. However, the Dior Playing Cards are something different. Because they cost a little more than the Zenith. According to Dior, they cost € 240. The ABCDior playing cards have a clean surface. Because most of them are simplified cards with simple artwork on them. They are mostly trees and artwork of nature.

However, if you show up at a poker table with these cards. People will not think that you are trying to show off. Because this set comes with subtle elegance. The brand of the card offers a very subtle sign of richness. Furthermore, the artwork on the cards is not seeking to combat casual cards, but to personalize them for you. This is why it is one of the most expensive poker decks.

3. Venexiana Gold

Venexia Gold started as a Kickstarter project. Now it sells for $425. These cards are elegant, and they fit into the most extravagant casinos. However, you should not try to bring this deck around. Because this price range doesn’t worth getting played too much. Because every single card in this set has a gold foil on the back of each card. Furthermore, on the front, you can see an elegant design of nobilities.

Most Expensive Poker Decks
Picture Source: Flickr

Therefore, at first glance, you might think that it is a bad idea to play with overly graphic cards. However, the artwork was made carefully to not be too much on a table. Therefore, these are one of the most elegant cards you can get yourself. If you are considering grabbing a piece of poker history. Then you should pick the Venexiana Gold. This deck is easily one of the most expensive poker decks.

2. Gucci Playing Cards

As we mentioned above, seeing Gucci might make some people dislike the brand. However, this isn’t exactly the fashion line. Because the Gucci playing cards are selling for € 460. They come with a high-quality poker deck wallet with the iconic Gucci strap with double G-s. However, if you are not a fan of the initial brand design, you don’t have to worry. Because Gucci has created four different variations.

One of the best is the Radura Print with a painting of the forest on it. For this bag, you receive 2 sets of decks of Gucci playing cards. These have elegant artwork painted over the back of each card. Therefore, if you value painting-style art, then the Gucci playing cards are worth it. Because this deck has the most artistic value. No wonder why it is the second on the list of most expensive poker decks.

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1. Microsoft David Blaine – Most Expensive Poker Decks

Now that we reach the Queen of the most expensive poker decks. You have probably heard about David Blaine cards. But did you know that the most expensive poker deck in the world costs €764? Because it is the Microsoft David Blaine edition. This card is just perfect for everything truly rich people stand for. It is expensive and has great value in it. With the brand of one of the most expensive companies.

Attached to not only rich and expensive names but also master and skillful artists of the poker deck-creating world. Furthermore, it doesn’t talk about being expensive. Because the card is just white with very elegant and subtle signs of unique features. However, anyone who knows this deck will compliment you for owning one. Do you wish to play a website as smoothly as Microsoft? Then register at Juicy Stakes.

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