MotoGP Odds Favor Marquez But Zarco Will Be Hard To Beat

MotoGP Odds

It’s the most competitive it’s been for years, the racing is some of the closest and most exciting in the motorsport world and the MotoGP odds being offered at sites like Unibet highlight that it’s less predictable than you’d think. It might look like Marc Marquez is going to run away with it again, but the individual races have demonstrated this isn’t going to be so simple and the bookies know it, but who should you back as the series heads to Le Mans this weekend?

  • Can Johann Zarco beat those 5/1 odds and take a win in his home MotoGP?
  • Is Marc Marquez going to run away with this season after two back to back wins?
  • Could Cal Crutchlow grab another win at 16/1 in Le Mans this weekend?
  • Do the MotoGP odds on Andrea Dovizioso really reflect his chances on Sunday?

It’s really quite easy to hate Marc Marquez. He’s like the Cristiano Ronaldo of motorcycle racing. His skills are undeniable, his record speaks for itself and his raw talent leaks from around his bland lack of personality. Just such a pity that, like the plastic Ronaldo, the small Spaniard perpetually wears a gurning bucktoothed facial expression of smug self-satisfied amusement that makes your fists itch. The MotoGP odds at Unibet may make him favorite in France, but nothing will make him likeable.

As those that like to bet on sports in France will tell you the French Motorcycle Grand Prix is just the fifth race of the season and already Marquez has moved into a convincing lead despite having started the season quite poorly. Dovi grabbed Qatar, Cal Crutchlow nabbed the win in Argentina and it wasn’t until America that Marquez started to get his ducks in a row, giving himself back to back wins with victory in front of his home fans in Spain just a couple of weeks ago. He’s now top and 12 points clear.

Long Odds On Race Winners Present Opportunities

With the MotoGP circus heading to the Bugatti Circuit at Le Mans, however, there’s a small chance that gap will close up a little as his nearest rival Johann Zarco will be racing on home turf around a circuit he knows very well indeed. He’s likely to turn in a blinder of a performance on the day and could well be worth backing at the 5/1 odds he’s garnering on sites like Unibet. This season might seem to be going Marquez’s way but the reality is only Spain saw him run off into the distance for the win.

Zarco could well snatch a victory, but then so could the first ten riders and the MotoGP odds at Unibet reflect that with Cal Crutchlow getting just 16/1 despite that win in South America, some distance behind Dani Pedrosa on 8/1 who shares those odds with Andrea Dovizioso who has also been victorious this season already. If you’re French gambling news on Sunday evening will be of Zarco winning be a little wary of Ducati’s big name, he’s apt to surprise everyone on occasions like this.

Find All Your MotoGP Odds At Unibet

  • Jorge Lorenzo – 33/1
  • Andrea Iannone – 25/1
  • Cal Crutchlow – 16/1
  • Daniel Pedrosa – 8/1
  • Andrea Dovizioso – 8/1
  • Maverick Vinales – 9/2
  • Valentino Rossi – 5/1
  • Johann Zarco – 5/1
  • Marc Marquez – 4/5

With race winners getting long MotoGP odds the opportunities at online gambling sites like Unibet are indicative of the competitive nature of the championship this year, this isn’t Formula One where only two guys from two teams have a chance, this is bike racing where riders with the skill and experience of Maverick Vinales get a scant 9/2 and even the legendary Valentino Rossi gets just 5/1, which are the same odds as Johann Zarco who, let’s remember, is only in his second season of top tier bike racing.

Of course if you’re going to take advantage of French gambling laws and check out the MotoGP odds at sites like Unibet on Marquez you’ll find he’s still the favorite at 4/5, however do remember Zarco got his first MotoGp podium on this track last year and won’t be taking prisoners, he’s already had one pole position and if he gets another this Saturday he’ll be off and Marquez and his teeth will have a very hard time catching up. Expect explosive racing, especially in that tricky Dunlop Chicane on lap one.

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