Next Premier League Manager to be Sacked Odds – Who is Leading the Sack Race?

  • Manchester manager can be sacked next
  • Eddie Howe is in danger as well
  • You can also bet on no manager to leave
Next Premier League Manager to be Sacked Odds

As always, there are teams in the Premier League which are struggling in the season, even though they have a strong squad with top players. Like Manchester United which can’t seem to find its form for a long time now. You can check the next Premier League manager to be sacked odds with us, just guess who is leading.  

Yes, you’re right, it’s the manager of Manchester United, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer with the odds of 1.664. It is very likely that it will happen, the only question is when. We have already discussed his possible replacements.  As the team has been underperforming for a long time, the sacking of their manager wouldn’t be a surprise. But the Red Devils are not the only team struggling, with other managers’ jobs are also on the line. 

Solksjaer is the favorite in the next Premier League manager to be sacked odds 

Surely he would prefer to lead in a different category, Solskjaer is currently leading the sack race at 1xBet. As we discussed earlier, fans are getting frustrated with United’s performance. They are only fifth in the Premier League at the moment. You could say it’s not that bad, but they are 33 points behind leader Liverpool.  Also six points from the fourth place which would mean Champions League football for the club in the next season. 

So far the Norwegian has managed to get the club owners and even the players behind him. But the team’s last defeat against Burnley at Old Trafford might be one of the final games with Solskjaer as United manager as online sportsbooks in the UK were also suggesting it.

Can Bournemouth have a new manager? 

Another manager whose job is at risk is Eddie Howe, the manager of Bournemouth. Though he is probably the nicest and most talented young English manager now, his side is not doing well recently. They are only in 18th place, which would mean relegation at the end of the season. The Cherries got only one win since the end of November when they managed to beat Chelsea. But losing at home and away against smaller teams took their toll. The team is suffering from injuries and their top players, like Callum Wilson being out of form. Voices are getting impatient with Howe as well. And though many think firing him wouldn’t be the solution, he is the second favorite in the next Premier League manager to be sacked odds with 4.76. 

Next Premier League Manager to be Sacked Odds
Solskjaer – Image source: Flickr

Issues at Aston Villa and Norwich can also lead to sackings

Usually, the managers of the clubs at the bottom can be in danger as well to keep their jobs. That’s the case at Aston Villa, which is in 16th place. Also at Norwich which is at the bottom of the league. Not sure if the sacking of Norwich manager Daniel Farke would save the Canaries, with being six points behind a secure place. The team got promoted again under Farke’s direction, and it might not be a great option to get a new manager now. It is more likely that he will stay at the club and try everything to keep it in the top league. 

Online gambling sites in the UK were also mentioning Aston Villa’s boss, Dean Smith, as a candidate in the sack race. His odds are 7.00 at the moment. His team is not in a great position but it just got out of the relegation zone after beating big rivals, Watford. Again, the club got promoted last season under his leadership, and sacking him now would seem like a mistake. But who knows what can happen if the team falls back again. 

And another option you can bet on is actually not having anyone sacked, which sounds a bit optimistic in the situations of the mentioned clubs. But if you think, the owners will give time to everyone, the odds are 8.90 for that. 

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