Almost Paradise: People Who Almost Won The Lottery

  • Lottery is one of the most popular gambling forms
  • Here is the list of people who almost won the lottery
  • Be aware: take out advices, and never make their mistakes
People Who Almost Won The Lottery

We know this for a fact: people just love the lottery. Even those, who do not like to gamble, buy a lottery ticket or two from time to time. So, it is probably the most popular form of gambling around the world. But it is also a thing that can make people go mad: if the slightest problem happens, you can fall from all that money that could have changed your life forever. And this is exactly what happened to these people who almost won the lottery.

There are these people, that you can hear about in the news. Also, you can read about them on online lottery news sites in the US and basically everywhere around the world. You hear their stories, but you might never actually think those through. That is to say, maybe you cannot even imagine what is it like to be so near to such a huge amount of money that can change your life. And at the end, lose all of it – while you never really had it. However, these stories are true, and they do happen to real people who just had their probably biggest bad luck of their whole lives. People, who almost won the lottery, but never did. Scroll down, to read their stories, and make sure, you never make the same mistakes, they did!

Why people like the lottery?

As we mentioned above, the lottery is likely to be the most popular gambling form of all. This can be because today, in 2021, it is so easy to get ahold of a lottery ticket. You can go to land-based gambling places, the post office, the newsagents’ – while there is still any. You can even get them in Aldi stores! Not to mention online lottery sites in the US, such as theLotter, where you can find everything you need to place a bet. Once you have your ticket, it is still a smooth sail. This gambling form is so easy! All you need is to circle some numbers – so even beginners can do it. Also, the laws are pretty permissive on the lottery, since it is usually run by governmental bodies. If you are insecure about something, you can still check the online lottery directory in the US out.

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And one more thing about it: it gives people the possibility to get to the most amazing win of their lives! The sums you can win at the lottery are so huge, it is hard to even imagine it. These people that we are about to talk about right now, could imagine it because they almost won the lottery.

People Who Almost Won The Lottery

People who almost won the lottery

Now, we would like to list five stories for you, about these people. You can just read them through, but you should also keep them in mind. And make sure of one thing: never make the same mistakes they did!

Have the funds!

The lotto players’ nightmare happened to two British students in 2021. Rachel Kennedy and Liam McCrohan were playing the lottery together. They were playing the same five numbers on the lottery for five consecutive weeks, and on the fifth, they drew their numbers! They even got the alert saying that they won the amazing prize. But when they contacted them on the phone, they went devastated very soon. “Yeah, you’ve got the right numbers, but you didn’t have the funds in your account for the payment of the tickets, so it didn’t actually go through” – so they were told. This is why we have this advice: once you are onto placing a lottery ticket, always check your balance. Or at least check your e-mail or gambling site account to make sure, this never happens to you! And you will not end up like people who just almost won the lottery.

Watch out for your ticket!

A lottery ticket is a delicate thing – and the story of this woman in California will confirm this statement. Last year, in November there was an unclaimed lottery win of 26 million dollars in California. Now, a woman turned up, saying that she had the winning ticket, but she left it in her pants pocket – that later she washed in the machine. That is to say, she literally washed her chance of winning a fortune. As for now, the case is under investigation, though the surveillance cameras recorded her buying the ticket. If the lottery officials deny her claim, the sum will go to public schools in the state. So that it never happens to you, we have an idea! Check out the online lottery in the US! On sites like theLotter, you can easily place bets and do not have to worry about tangible tickets.

Know the rules!

Martyn and Kay Tott are the next ones on the list of unlucky people who almost won the lottery. The couple almost got shocked when they realized they won the lottery back in 2001. Unfortunately, they could not find their ticket and they only realized their win six months after the numbers were drawn. However, when they finally found it out, they went to the lotto operator of Camelot with high hopes! But their happiness did not last long. They went to claim their 3 million-pound win, but the rules were not in their favor. It is little-known but true: lost tickets must be reported within 30 days to be valid. Well, remember: online gambling on theLotter is a solution for that too!

People Who Almost Won The Lottery
Get lucky!

Always double-check!

In 2013, Salvatore Cambria purchased a winning lottery ticket of 1 million dollars in a Powerball jackpot. But sadly, he never got his prize, so he is one of the unlucky people who just almost win the lottery. Cambria saw the winning ticket and he showed it to his roommate, who also checked it, and realized that the numbers did not match. Then, Cambria threw the ticket out, to soon realize it was the biggest mistake of his life. The ticket was in case the winning one. His roommate was just checking with a website that was not updated. Online lottery in the US is a great solution for problems like this as well – so those might worth a shot!

Play the Lottery Online at theLotter

Hit the lottery jackpot without leaving your home

You can buy lottery tickets including PowerBall, MegaMillions and more online easily using your desktop or mobile device within minutes. It is safe and easy.

Bring your luck!

Online lottery news in the US is all about people who almost won the lottery, but missed one number. This is something you cannot really play out: you are either lucky or unlucky. But in this case, you tend to be very unlucky. Let us face it: it is much worse to lose when you almost have all the numbers right. That is what happened to Aidan Murray, for example. The Scottish guy lost out on a 157 million-pound win on Euromillions by only one number. His ticked had these numbers: 05,09,15,25,29, with lucky stars 06 and 07. Meanwhile, the winning numbers were: 05,09,25,29,30, with lucky stars 06 and 07.

It is sad as it gets, but what can you do? It is just a standoff, you have to endure. You can bring your luck, and you can keep trying on theLotter. Next time, you might be the lucky ones, and your life will be forever changed! Until then: keep these stories in mind, and never be like these people, who almost won the lottery!

You can discover more about theLotter here.

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