Take a Nap To Be A Winner

If you're a seasoned gambler then you'll know that the term "NAP" means your surest bet, the one you know will be a big win for you. But naps in real life can make a huge difference to your mental faculties and overall well being. And that's why we highly recommend you take a nap before your afternoon casino session. Let's have a closer look at some of the benefits and how they help you at the casino...

take a nap

Make You More Alert

Research suggests that napping for an hour can make you more alert for the following ten hours. It’s been shown that if airline pilots take a mid-flight nap with the co-pilot taking over the duties, then performance is improved. A shorter nap will give you an alertness boost. If you’re going to the casino for an all-nighter, then we suggest a longer nap, from between 3/4 of an hour to maybe 4 hours, will improve your alertness and keep you sharper throughout the night’s games.

Naps Make You Ready to Learn

The link between napping and learning is an ongoing study. It has been shown that naps do help in improving logic skills and also our level of tolerance during times of stress. The magazine “Neurobiology” recently published a study on Learning and Memory and found that any daytime napping improves a student’s memory and decision making skills. Now, when you’re seated at the gaming table at the casino or playing at one of the online casino sites in the US, are not all these things important?

Improve Physical Performance

It’s not just the brain that gets help from a nap. The whole body also benefits. The Journal of Sports Sciences published research with regard to the performance of short distance sprinters. They found a noticeably positive effect on performance. If you are sleeping well at night, and also partake a nap during the day, you’re going to be in better physical shape as well as healthier. People who nap as part of a daily routine, tend to have lower risk of heart attacks, strokes, and even weight gain.

Make You Less Grumpy

We can all agree that tiredness makes us grumpy. So it makes perfect sense that having a nap in the middle of the day will help improve our temper. A nap can help maintain a good mood. This is essential for a positive outlook on life. And find us a gambler who doesn’t need a positive and optimistic view of whatever game they’re playing. Of course taking a break to have a nap during the day, is really a great means to experience some quiet time, just for yourself, which in itself is beneficial to well being.

take a nap
Napping is the same essential for babies and night owls

Reduce Stress

Thanks to the internet and the bad habit of entertaining ourselves during the night hours, most people are actually in some stage of sleep deprivation. All the time! This adds to stress levels as your body and mind have to work overtime to function in a proper manner. If you head off to the casino, whilst being deprived of sleep, you can guarantee the outcome will not be, as if you had gone in to play feeling refreshed and alert. Studies have shown that giving subjects who were seriously sleep deprived 2.5 hours nap time in the middle of the day, actually equaled things out to the point as if they’d never lost sleep in the first place.

Keep You Looking Good

With all the mental and physical positive effects that napping can bring, then it’s not surprising that looking good is going to also be on our list. As your body uses sleep as a repair and rejuvenation tool, then a nap is bound to have a positive effect in this way.

The Best Way to Nap

Now that you know that napping is best for winners, let’s have a look at the practical aspects. Firstly, not everyone will share this view. Most employers are unable to change a primitive mindset fixed on hours as opposed to productivity. They prefer to gain less in productivity, provided that all your working hours “belong” to them. In the same way that’s, it’s been proven time and again that a 4 day week results in greater productivity, the same applies to napping. But we are surrounded by idiots so some of us have to accept napping is just for the weekends.

Cat Naps

As anyone with a cat will tell you, cats are the ultimate masters of napping. If you’re running short on time, then you might be surprised what a cat nap can achieve. To avoid feeling sluggish afterward, it’s important that your cat nap is within one sleep cycle or roughly 20 minutes. Set the alarm on your phone, find somewhere away from the bustle, and tun off.

take a nap
A cat knows how to nap – Learn from the experts – Image source: Flickr

Caffeine Naps

This is an interesting one. First make yourself a strong coffee, like an espresso or even a double espresso. Then hit the hay. Set the alarm for around 25 minutes. Allowing yourself 5 minutes to fall asleep, then one sleep cycle in the land of nod, and you’ll wake up just as the coffee boost kicks in. This is probably the biggest boost you could give yourself. You should experiment with different napping times along with variations of caffeine amounts to find the optimum mix.

Long Naps

If you are short of sleep, then a longer nap can help fill the gap. Sleeping for an hour or two can help you get back on your feet. But whatever the case, without deep sleep, you will become very unhealthy. That’s why the minimum amount of sleep needs for an adult is between 7 – 9 hours. During this period you’ll go into deep sleep at least three times. Without that necessary amount, don’t try to stay up long to play at the online gambling sites in the US. Enough rest is the ultimate key to stay sharp during the ventures.

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