The Best DFS Strategies – For Beginners Before Registering


Posted: August 17, 2022

Updated: August 17, 2022

  • The best rules for beginners to keep in mind
  • How to jump tiers by skipping mistakes
  • The best DFS strategies for beginners

In this article, we have collected the best DFS strategies for beginners. Therefore, if you are new make sure to avoid common mistakes. Because information separates a bad DFS player from a champion who earns millions of dollars. Furthermore, one of the most important rules to keep in mind is that you don’t know anything.

Because if you are a new DFS player, then you will realize that the more you know, the less you understand. Therefore, skip the awkward mistakes and the need for learning money by reading this simple guide. However, if you already know everything on this list, then just proceed to pick your favorite from the online DFS sites in the EU.

The Best DFS Strategies

Before we get into the best DFS strategies, first you have to understand what DFS is. Because even if it is under the same category as sportsbook betting. This is less about chance and more about performance. Therefore, DFS is one of the few gambling games that are paying for skill.

According to Arag Legal, a game of skill is not gambling by definition. Therefore, you can legitimately learn DFS and earn more cash. However, this guide is written for beginners. Therefore, if you are already past the registration point. Then maybe check out our Ultimate Guide to DFS. Because you will learn even more valuable information than here. 

Quantity Over Quality First – The Best DFS Strategies For Beginners

According to the DFSArmy, one of the most important best DFS strategies is to avoid the big temptation. Because you will see expensive tournaments with thousands of millions of dollars in cash price. But let’s be honest, you are not going to have a chance to get to the top right away. Because you will have to make a strategy and a budget by playing. Therefore, if you have $10 to play DFS. Then you should try to enter 10 $1 tournaments, instead of 1 $10 tournament.

The Best DFS Strategies
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Because if you profit from at least half of your tournaments, you will have a set budget to increase. Therefore, once you have made $1000 by playing small matches. Then you can start building your strongest lineup and participate in the big tournaments. Avoid the temptation and roll quantity over quality in the first months.

Expensive Defenses Are Useless

What we learned from the interviews with the biggest FanTeam winners is that defenses are useless. One of them has won a whole high-stakes tournament by not even using defenses at all. The reason behind this is probably the math of the whole system. Because when it comes to virtual calculations, taking away will always be more efficient than decreasing. Therefore, there is one main goal in all virtual calculation games.

Because you have to win before the opponent would win. Therefore, stacking up defenses will always make you weaker than you think you would be. This is a simple rule to keep in mind. If you have to pick a defense, try to pick the cheapest, most popular one. However, stacking strikers is the way to go. This is a basic fact among the best DFS strategies now.

Pick High Volume RB-s

Now that we talked about the insignificant DST-s, it’s obvious where this is going. Because one of the best DFS strategies is to pick high-volume RB-s. Therefore, you will have to research the volume of your RB-s. When in doubt, just trust the numbers of the community. Because people have a reason to pick a certain RB.

Always try to fill your lineup with the most valuable RB-s. Furthermore, even try to pitch in an extra RB to your kit if you can. Because as explained above, defense is never going to be better than successful RB-s. However, keep in mind that there is also a strategy to always do what counters the rest of the community. Therefore, if everyone picks RB-s for 90% of the tournament. Then make a lineup that is efficient against those RB-s. Think outside of the box.

Pick WR-s Who Sees The Target – The Best DFS Strategies

Many aspects contribute to the best strategies. For example, you can check out the best countries to play DFS. Because there are more ways to win than just simply demolishing a tournament. Therefore, if you are paying less for the service, then you already profit more than those who pay more. However, there is another strategy that you should keep in mind.

Because if you have a great WR in the lineup who sees the target, then you will have more information to use. Therefore, picking a high-volume WR is always the way to go. Because if you have a great WR against a weak CB, then you will be guaranteed to win. The best strategy here is to look for the cheapest WR-s with the highest target count.

Always Use Research Tools

According to the FanTeam Blog, you have a Lineup optimizer available on their website. This is why DraftFury is one of the best DFS sites to register for. Because you will be able to optimize your team in no time. Furthermore, you have the community to take advantage of when creating your lineup. For example, you will be able to check out our other articles and guides. Alternatively, you can join a Reddit community to ask questions if you are confused about the best DFS strategies.

The Best DFS Strategies
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However, always try to do your research. Because there are computing data science analysts who will create software to simulate these matches. Furthermore, people always try to exploit this information to take advantage of it. This is why you should never rely on your blunt opinion. Instead, try to follow trends and understand how to exploit matches by using available information.

Don’t Waste Offenses On DST-s

In conclusion, you have learned the best DFS strategies for beginners about the roles. However, you can not only use this information to create your lineup. Because if you compare the two points above, you will realize that insignificant offenses and strong offenses contradict each other. Therefore, never waste valuable offenses on DST-ss. Because wasting the strongest player against the weakest opponent just makes no sense.

Most of the greatest DraftFury winners used their wild cards in the last rounds of the tournament. Therefore, never reveal your winning strategy too early. As long as you are winning, always try to do the lowest effort possible. Because you should save this on the serious opponents.

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