The Week in Pictures: March 3 – March 9, 2015

The Week in Pictures: March 3 - March 9, 2015

We take a moment or two to look back on some of the biggest stories to grab headlines around the world over the last seven days

 The investigation into the shooting of Boris Nemtsov, a leading opposition figure in Russia, has already led to five arrests with a number of Chechens appearing in court charged with various offenses. One of them, Zaur Dadayev, is said to have connections to Ramzan Kadyrov the Kremlin-backed Chechen leader, a fact then confirmed by Ramzan himself in a statement on his instagram account that spoke of Dadayev’s Russian patriotism and indicated the attack might have been motivated by Nemtsov’s support of Charlie Hebdo‘s cartoons.

President Obama commemorated the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights March in Selma, Alabama, that saw the security services attack peaceful marchers on March 7th 1965. The marchers, who at that time were asking for equal voting rights, were described by the President as having “given courage to millions”. The president was accompanied by his wife, around 100 members of Congress, and veterans of the original march fifty years before. They were watched by a crowd of nearly 40,000 as they walked across the imfamous Edmund Pettus Bridge.

Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel and political opportunist, came to America to give a speech to congress as part of his re-election campaign in which he outlined, once again, just what a danger to everyone Iran’s nuclear program is. This, of course, at strict divergence from the US administration’s stance that views negotiations as the way forward, and indeed the Obama White House did not invite or condone the alarmist pantomime speech given by Netanyahu who was brought to the US by house Republicans against White House wishes.

In sport Andy Murray won his Davis Cup match against John Isner of the US to round off a GB victory against the USA and set up a July appointment with the French. Murray won 7-6 (7-4) 6-3 7-6 (7-4) leaving Isner disappointed with his performance and the GB coach wondering which venue will be most suited to their encounter with French. Will GB be able to keep up this run of victories? You’ll have to read our daily news pages to find out.

1. Videoslots Casino managed to entice players by increasing the prize pool of the weekly casino race from EUR 10, 000 to EUR 12, 500

Videoslots Casino Offers EUR 12,500 Weekly Casino Race (Photo: Videoslots Casino)

2. Paddy Power has booked a fantastic financial year in 2014 and they are hoping to get better results this year.

Paddy Power Achieves Record Operating Profit in 2014
(Photo: The Potato)

3. 50 Cent was ready to place a bet on his friend Mayweather against his fight with Pacquiao.

50 Cent: ready to place a bet on his friend Mayweather (Photo: Crave Online)

4. Casino owner Adelson’s lobby to ban online gambling in the USA was negotiated on March 5 in Capitol Hill.

Is the RAWA bill idea of casino owner and billionaire Sheldon Adelson? (Photo: Greanville Post)

5. Casino Room donated to the Malala Fund for International Women’s Day to support an important cause.

Casino Room Supports the Malala Fund (Photo: Hope Apparel)

6. BetVictor’s live casino has shut down with immediate effect but staff members hope to keep being employed in the future.

BetVictor Shuts Down Live Casino Due to Lack of Income (Photo: BetVictor)

7. Another gaming bill called HB 695 has been introduced in the state of Pennsylvania this year that would legalize certain online gaming in the state. 

The state of Pennsylvania welcomes online gamblers (Photo: Wikimedia)

Meanwhile a kickstarter campaign has been begun in an attempt to bring a six inch high plastic Hillary Clinton action figure to market. “We started with one simple goal;” said a spokesman for the design company FCTRY, “to make Hilliary Clinton into an awesome iconic action figure.” Although whether this will spur Mrs. Clinton, wife of former Democratic President Bill Clinton, to officially declare her run on the White House in 2016 is another question entirely.

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