This Week in Pictures: December 1 – December 7, 2015

This Week in Pictures

The last seven days saw some massive news stories hit the headlines so let’s spare a few moments to look back at some of the biggest from last week’s news coverage

In San Bernardino, California, a mass shooting left 14 dead and 21 injured. Following a dispute at a workplace Christmas party for employees of the San Bernardino Public Health Department 28 year old Syed Rizwan Farook left and then returned with his wife, 27 year old Tashfeen Malik, and automatic weapons. Both were shot dead later that day after a police pursuit. The FBI investigated the attack as an act of terrorism after they found arms and explosives at the home the couple shared with their six month old child.

In Paris the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference, COP21, attracted a great number of world leaders last week to discuss the vexed problems of negotiating a “binding and universal” agreement on how to tackle this global problem. Held in Le Bourget at a cost of some 170 million Euros the conference is expected to deliver a significantly watered down final communique and numerous outstanding, seemingly insoluble, issues remain between developed and developing nations.

In the UK the parliament debated and then voted on the expansion of airstrikes against so-called Islamic State in Iraq to include Syrian territory. Led by the Conservative leader and current Prime Minister David Cameron those in favor of the move won a majority despite the leader of the opposition, Jeremy Corben, speaking out against it, unlike his foreign affairs spokesman, Hillary Benn, who made a well received impassioned plea for further military intervention in the region.

In sport the crisis at Chelsea continued last week after Bournemouth treated them to a one nil defeat that only heaped pressure on Jose Mourinho who had to admit after their performance that there was a good chance is team wouldn’t qualify for the Champions League this season. Is he right and will he keep his job if he is? You’ll have to read our daily news pages to find out but in the meantime here’s a look back at some of the big stories from around the world we covered over the last seven days.

1. New market statistics showed that Australia gambling has hit a record high, with Australians spending more money on gambling now than ever before.

Australia gambling

Crikey! (Photo: Pokie Machines Site)

2. The latest installment in the FIFA corruption scandal came with dawn raids at a luxury hotel in Zurich but Hayatou still denies FIFA is corrupt at all.


Something’s rotten in the world of professional football (Photo: Afrique Foot)

3. The world was waiting for the LFP to put an end to the Real Madrid controversy, which resulted in the disqualification of the Spanish giant.

Real Madrid

Real Madrid has been disqualified because of this guy (Photo: Real France)

4. GamingZion presented the top hockey fan moments in the history of the National Hockey League. Included fans that were good, bad, and sometimes even outright ridiculous.

Vancouver riots

Remember that time hockey fans destroyed a city? (Photo: Julie Kristina)

5. The BC Lottery Corporation warned Lotto Max employees about discussing the controversial $50 million lottery mystery in public. The anonymous winner waited a year to try to claim their prize and is suspected to work for Lotto Max.

Lotto mystery

Who is the mysterious winner of the $50 million jackpot? (Photo: Toronto Sun)

6. A new online gambling law in Quebec was introduced by the government that would require internet providers to block web content, which goes against Canada’s open internet policy.

Quebec internet gambling law

Quebec’s plans would go against basic Canadian rights (Photo: Parliament of Canada)

7. Yet more stories emerge of Zlatan Ibrahimovic the Swedish hero moving clubs sometime this year but how realistic is that and what are these stories based on?

Ibrahimovic move

Ibrahimovic is finished with France (Photo: RT)

Meanwhile in Colombia President Juan Manuel Santos announced that a Spanish galleon sunk 300 years ago by the British near the port city of Cartagena had been found. Containing a wealth of gold, silver, gems and jewelery, to a value said to exceed one billion dollars, that were to be used by the Spanish King to finance the war of succession, the wreck has been described as the “holy grail” of sunken vessels. Mr. Santos said the find of the San Jose “constitutes one of the greatest discoveries of submerged patrimony in the history of mankind.”

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