This Week in Pictures: March 01 – March 07, 2016

This Week in Pictures  March 01 - March 07, 2016

With so many big breaking news stories over the last seven days we look back at some of the most important from around the world.

In the US last week candidates for both parties in the 2016 Presidential election faced Super Tuesday with numerous states holding primaries. The big winner on the night for Republicans was Donald Trump who won seven out of eleven states, and although Ben Carson withdrew following his poor showing, rivals Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz both won states too, and for the Democrats Hillary Clinton retained her lead over radical challenger Bernie Sanders.

In Turkey the country’s largest newspaper, Zaman was siezed by the increasingly authoritarian government of Recep Tayyip Erdogan for its links with Hizmet the organization of US-backed Fethullah Gulen, that the authorities erroneously claim is a terrorist group due to its criticism of the government. Placed under state control police raided the offices of Zaman dispersing demonstrators with tear gas and reportedly trying to erase the online archive of the newspaper.

In what was described as a “breakthrough” an international team of scientists from MIT, announced the discovery of surface proteins on cancerous tumors providing an “Achilles heel” within the growths that could lead to personalized treatments. Leader of the latest study, Charles Swanton, hopes to conduct human trials within two to three years as research continues into the vulnerabilities in tumours this new information provides.

In sport table toppers Leicester went five points clear at the top of the English Premier League last week with a workaday 1:0 victory over Watford. Mahrez struck in the fifty sixth minute giving last year’s bottom finisher a nice cushion toward the tail end of the season. Can anyone catch them? You’ll have to read our daily news pages to find out, but in the meantime here’s a look at some of the big stories from around the world we covered over the last seven days.

1. MPs in the UK houses of parliament take the Tennis Integrity Unit to task for their woeful efforts to fight match fixing, betting scams and corruption in sport.Corru[tion in tennis

“Corruption, corruption everywhere”… (Photo:

2. We look at the latest Athletics scandal as Abeba Aregawi, a former world champion at 1,500m, tests positive for a banned substance.
Abeba Tests Positive

Abeba Tests Positive (Photo: BBC)

3. New Horserace Betting Levy to Force Offshore Betting Entities to Pay Their Share. UK Government Replaces Current Horserace Betting Levy

New levy for UK horse racing (Photo: BHA)

4. Robot Croupiers are making their way to Hong Kong, Macau and US Casinos!Robot Card dealer Macau

Mmmmm, looks a bit funny, though (Photo: Bloomberg)

5. A Pennsylvania judge played the Powerball lottery while on holiday and won the $291M jackpot with his brother also amongst the winners, collecting $7.Pennsylvania Judge Wins Powerball Lottery Brother Wins 7 dollars

Some have it all (Photo: )

6. GamingZion analysed the biggest football shocks of all time.
Leicester one of the biggest football shocks ever

How about these guys?  (Photo: Leicester Mercury )

7. Fans of Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi have never really been fond of each other, but they must start thinking after this.
Ronaldo Messi Rivalry on Another Level – Fans Die Because of This

Ok, too far with this “who’s better?” thing (Photo: )

Meanwhile Chimpanzees in West Africa have been filmed exhibiting behavior that has been compared to the rituals of early humans. The use of stone tools for “purpose other than extrative foraging at what appear to be targeted trees” including piling pebbles within some was repeatedly recorded with one researcher Laura Kehoe describing the sight as giving her “goose bumps” as it might shed light on some of the earliest origins of human ritualistic sites.

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