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Posted: June 30, 2022

Updated: June 30, 2022

  • Flamingo-gate or just paranoia?
  • Is The Flamingo just a ‘kgb’ metaverse trick?
  • The US States Against The Metaverse

The citizens of Decentraland are probably eager to witness the US States against the Metaverse. Because despite the amusing yet terrifying virtual paranoia is probably interesting for those not involved. However, they seek to regulate if not disable one of the biggest and first actual metaverse casinos. We have already written about The Flamingo.

However, it isn’t proving worthy of the praise just yet. Because they have featured The Flamingo with huge ambitions and promises. But so far all they are doing is using a prototype game platform to flip NFT-s. Therefore, the states have obvious suspicions. If you don’t want to be involved in this, just check out the online casino sites in the US.

US States Against the Metaverse

According to the Gambling News, the US state against the metaverse is a serious issue for the American government itself. Because there is a metaverse casino club called The Flamingo Club that seeks to whirl up the tensions. However, there is The Flamingo inside of Decentraland, which is a project by Atari. Therefore, it is unknown whether this casino is the same project as Atari’s dream casino land. Because no one mentions that it is the same thing or even the same platform. However, we go with the assumption that The Flamingo Club is different from Atari’s project. Then the case might be more serious than one would expect.

Is The Flamingo A KGB Job?

To start with the topic, you should learn our other article called: Metaverse Gambling Explained. Because in this article we are explaining everything you need to know about what the metaverse is and how gambling works in there. Furthermore, you can learn all about the gigantic gambling project of Atari. However, whether the Flamingo Club is connected to The Flamingo of Decentraland or not is unknown.

US States Against The Metaverse
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However, if it isn’t then there might be an actual case of KGB operations. According to CNBC, the company resides in Russia and has become a no-go to most countries. However, there is more to the issue. People alert the US States against the metaverse due to its intensive NFT flipping scheme. Therefore, this might be just an offshore money laundering company.

US States Against the Metaverse NFT Market

Therefore, we also have an NFT Betting Guide for you to understand how this thing works. Therefore, let’s talk about the real deal. Because the main attraction of this company is the 50% profit split between the consumers as passive income. However, they wish to remain unknown and anonymous. However, this is not always a sign of scamming others. Because they are established in Russia.

Therefore, they might stay anonymous, so they are not going to release their business to Russia. The US States against the metaverse have much better odds at removing something than anything else. Therefore, if The Flamingo Club turns out to be malicious, then they might disable the company. If you have anything related to the Flamingo Club, you should sell it. Because their value will surely decrease if this case expands and proceeds.

The Flamingo Is Too Suspicious

According to The Hill, there are alerts sent by the US States against the metaverse. They state that the metaverse is becoming more and more popular and they should be on high alert about the scammers. And the government is not wrong about this. Because as we proceed to Internet 3, we are going to meet new types of viruses and malicious scams we haven’t even thought about before. Therefore, The Flamingo Club is a perfect example of this.

US States Against The Metaverse
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They are turning your money into a digital currency that is worth nearly nothing. Furthermore, they are not willing to share any form of information about themselves. Once they disappear, they can legally take your money with them. According to experts, they are likely not KGB agents. However, they could be simple Russian scammers exploiting the feelings of vulnerable users.

Is This the Beginning of the Flamingo-gate?

Even if this is a case when the accuser is the US States against the metaverse, this is not a conspiracy case. Therefore, you will probably never see the Flamingo-gate becoming popular. If we are to be fully realistic and honest. The case is likely just two Russian programmers experimenting with decentralization.

Therefore, it might not even be a scam. It is a common knowledge that America lives in capitalism. Therefore, the idea of a decentralized, metaverse gambling operation could easily sound like a scam. However, The Flamingo Club could be scammers. If you are involved in the case, then please check out our article about how to avoid fake casinos.

US States Against the Metaverse

Now that we have reached the end and explained why the US States are against the metaverse. We should mention the easier way to play online casinos without worrying about your safety. Because the Metaverse comes with an interactive graphical design. The truth is that their casino experience is not going to be anywhere near the refined program codes and smoothness of online casino sites. However, in a few years, the NFT-s won on the metaverse platforms might be worth millions of dollars. However, they might just be worth nothing. If you are not someone who is working in the field, then you should stick with Casino. Because they offer a top-quality experience for you. Furthermore, they offer almost all types of gambling throughout their network.

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