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Wild Rift Betting Guide

Mobile games are breaking into the online sportsbook sites in the EU. Therefore, Wild Rift is one of the best mobile esports to pick if you are interested in trying your hand in this category. Betting on mobile games is extremely popular because it is fun and easy. You don’t have to spend hours analyzing the plays of each professional player. Because these matches usually last from ten to twenty minutes. Therefore, they are twice as fast as a usual League of Legends match. If you are a busy bettor, then this Wild Rift betting guide was written for you. Because you can master the betting techniques of this genre quicker than you think. If you prefer to do things on your phone instead of a computer, then check out our Mobile Phone Betting Guide to understand how to place bets using nothing but your phone.

What is Wild Rift?

In 2019, Riot Games has decided to expand its repertoire of games. Because they were already owning the most successful mobile game in the world, called League of Legends or LOL for short. Thanks to this, they started to work on new projects. Such as the hottest shooter called Valorant, their successful Netflix series called Arcade, and even a card game called Legends of Runeterra. However, the first project they released was Wild Rift, which is the replication of League of Legends but for mobile phones. If you are unfamiliar with the concept, then you should know that Mobile esports are becoming more popular than computer games in the East. Because they are much more mobile and comfortable than sitting in front of a computer. Therefore, Riot Games wants to turn Wild Rift into a world-famous professional mobile game. Let’s check out our Wild Rift betting guide.

Wild Rift Betting Guide

If you understand the basics of LOL or betting on League of Legends, then you already know everything you need to know about betting on Wild Rift. Because the best Wild Rift betting guide is a League of Legends betting guide too. The concept is the same, however, in Wild Rift players need different technological skills. While a person might be one of the best MOBA players in the world using a mouse and a keyboard.

They might be one of the worst Wild Rift players, as they might not be familiar with the outlay and the controls of a mobile game. This is why it is important to understand that these players are going to use their mobile phones to compete against each other. Wild Rift was one of the rising esports in 2021. But as we are reaching 2023, it is likely to become one of the Best esports to bet on

The Greatest Upcoming Event

According to Venturebeat, Wild Rift is preparing for one of the most prestigious events ever seen by mobile gaming. Because Riot Games has teamed up with Coca-Cola to bring one of the biggest mobile esports tournaments for the fans and professional players. It is going to be called the Icons Global Championship 2022. 24 teams are going to compete against each other from 8 different regions. This is similar to the format of League of Legends. Because according to Esports.net, this championship has pricing that is going beyond the famous LOL LPL series. This means that many esport investors might begin to ditch their League of Legends teams, to invest in Wild Rift teams instead. Today they are struggling to remain in the professional bracket. Therefore, there is a small chance that these teams are going to try to transition to mobile gaming for financial reasons.

Wild Rift Betting Guide

According to Gaming On Phone, the first tournament in the series has already been released with prizes, rosters, teams, locations, and schedules. Therefore, it’s time to review the MOBA betting types in this Wild Rift betting guide.

The format is strikingly similar to League of Legends, therefore if you are unfamiliar with either of the genres, you are going to need to keep these in mind. Because you will find betting lines that are different from your usual sports betting prompts.

  • Outright Winner: In this format, you are guessing who is going to win the whole competition.
  • Head to Head: In this format, you are guessing who is going to win the upcoming match.
  • MVP: Here you are going to guess the best performing player in the whole tournament or a given match or bracket.
  • First Blood: In this, you are going to decide which team or player is going to make the first kill in a given match.
  • K/D/A: In this format, you are going to guess the KDA ratio of a player. KDA means Kill, Death, Assist. Therefore, this betting type is typically above / under.
  • Game Length: The match of a map above / under.
  • First Blood At The time when the first blood is going to happen in a given match. It is above / under.
  • Banned Champions: The rarest type of betting line to see. Here you have to guess the most banned champions in a game.

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