You Can Bet On The US Presidential Election Taking On Guns Now

US gun laws

One of the most divisive topics in US politics, almost rivaling abortion, is the fraught subject of Gun Control, a polarizing topic that has once again hit the headlines following the most deadly shooting in US history at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida, a tragic event that has sent shock waves across the country and puts the subject front and center in the up coming election, but don’t bet on the US presidential election producing change on this deep rooted and entrenched debate.

Trump’s supporters are a disaffected proportion of US society that has sadly been misinformed by the Republican right for so long they no longer recognize the truth when it is waved in their face. They believe President Obama is a Kenyan Socialist, Jesus was American and that guns are the answer for everything. They are, of course, a minority, but a vocal one with massive lobbying support on all their issues, the NRA the obvious lead on the issue of gun control.

Donald trump rally

Trump supporters are generally very pro-gun (photo:

This means if you’re in the US gambling laws on firearm ownership will change anytime soon you’re hugely mistaken, the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution gives them the right to bear arms and so they do, and to remove that right from any American is an attack on freedom, democracy and mom’s apple pie. Any politician coming out against guns finds their opponents suddenly financed by the pro-gun lobby so you’d bet on the US presidential election steering well clear, right?

Gun Control The Third Rail Of US Politics Comes To The Fore

The shooting in Orlando killed 49 people and was perpetrated by Omar Mateen who had legally purchased the firearms used a few days earlier despite being on one of the FBI’s two terrorist watch lists. It was the 133rd mass shooting in the United States this year and as the media ghouls swarmed in they bet on the US presidential election now having to address the issue, but wasn’t that going to be predictable? Didn’t we know how those running for the White House would react?

NRA and Donald Trump

The NRA officially endorsed Trump in May (photo:

If you’re in the US gambling news of the Pulse shooting would galvanize a broad cross-party swathe of politicians to rise up and fight against the NRA and pro-gun lobby you’re probably a tourist because all Americans know that in an election year this will split down party lines like ravers sharing coke in a bathroom. However you can’t bet on the US presidential election being predictable, not with Trump in the running and so on Wednesday the man with the NRA endorsement mooted some gun control.

Bet365 Has All The Odds To Bet On The US Presidential Election

This rather tame, and entirely counter-intuitive, move by Trump sees him desire people on watch lists not be able to buy guns, and whilst this might seem super sensible to anyone with half a brain, to the conservative base in America it is the thin end of the wedge. Just what damage Trump has done to himself remains to be seen, he’s defied all predictions thus far, and whilst Democrats in congress try to push for legislation Hillary Clinton is being sure to focus on “extremism” not firearm availability.

Right now if you want to bet on the US presidential election just like you would place a bet on sports in the US those sons of fun over at Bet365 have Hillary out in front on 1/3 but Trump closing up on 11/4. Just what effect the gun control debate will have on the election is unclear but in a campaign already beset by racism, sexism, stupidity and a discuss of Trump’s penis at a Republican debate, just about anything could happen.

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