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Doping in Darts

Doping in Darts

Peter K. January 14, 2020 16:52:32

Doping in darts is only a debated topic when it comes to doping with alcohol. Since 2018 alcohol is not on the list of WADA's prohibited substances. ”It’s just doping; we cannot deny that. You become calmer and you keep your nerves under control when you have a drink. I myself drank. But when I once drank no alcohol as a test, I was shaking like a leaf. You’re usually still in a certain intoxication. I struggled to keep my concentration and focus. “  Said former world champion, Co Stomp. While riders legally used alcohol as doping during early Tour de Frances, Darts was trying to get rid of the alcohol in order to maintain a television compatible version of the contests. But you can read more about the darts split here.