Amber Hill Is Gunning For Gold In Rio At Her First Olympics

Amber Hill

There are hoards of shiny faced youngsters off to the Olympics in Rio this summer hoping to grab a piece of the spotlight and make their parent’s proud, but the UK’s Amber Hill is aiming at nothing less than a top podium place and despite being just 18 years of age her talent and skill may well see her do just that, so should you wager on her aim at Bet365? We think so.

Amber Hill

  • Nationality – British
  • Age – 18
  • Sport – Shooting (Skeet)

Shooting was, naturally enough, part of the very first modern Olympics back in 1896, one of only nine events held in Athens that year, and whilst four years later in 1900 live pigeons were used for the games in Paris, thankfully by 1907 the sport had moved on to clay targets, both saving the crowd from watching animals get killed and maimed, and also allowing some standardization as facilitated by the International Shoot Sport Federation which was set up in the same year.

Skeet At The Olympics

  • 1900 used live pigeons
  • 1962-1980 mixed events
  • 1992 Women’s Skeet intro

    Women were, of course, not encouraged early on to participate, something that didn’t really change in 1968 when the shooting events marked as men-only were in fact open to all, and indeed it wasn’t until 1980 the ladies got their own events, perhaps following Margaret Murdock’s silver in the ’76 Rifle 3 Positions competition, and shotgun events were still mixed till 1992 when Zhang Shan took gold in the Skeet shooting, the event in which that those who like to bet on sports in the UK should back Amber Hill to win at the 2016 Rio Olympics.

    Is Amber Hill The One To Shoot For At Bet365 This Olympics?

    Having started shooting when she was just ten years old Amber Hill has been part of the British shooting team since the age of 12 and has proven time and time again that she has a talented skill for the sport to which her grandfather introduced her. At fifteen she won her first senior World Cup event, becoming the youngest woman ever to do so, and was noted for her success in 2013 when the BBC awarded the young shotgun shooter the somewhat prestigious Young Sports Personality of the Year.

    Amber Hill

    Will Amber Hill triumph in Rio?

    Personality aside, it helps that Amber Hill is quite an attractive 18 year old and the British tabloids have taken great pleasure in plastering their pages with pictures of her, especially after she did a lingerie photo shoot to increase ‘the sex appeal’ of her sport, but oddly not for men. “Girls at school tend to get to a certain level in sport and then drop out because they don’t want that muscular body change. They think that not training or being involved in sport is the right way to go about it.” She laments in the UK gambling news of her success, and the pictures that go with it, might spur other young ladies to take sports more seriously and not worry about beefing up.

    Bet365 Has All The Olympic Odds This Summer

    Her success this summer is by no means guaranteed but she has won three golds before, two in World Cup events and once at the inaugural European Games in Baku, Azerbaijan, just last year, so she’s reaching peak form just in time to travel to the 2016 Rio Olympics where she’ll face her hardest challenge yet. “There is a lot of tough competition so I just want to go there and enjoy the experience and do my very best.” said Amber Hill, “I train four to five days a week at the gym at the moment. I believe by training all areas of my body and keeping in top physical condition it doesn’t just help physically but mentally.

    Those that take advantage of liberal UK gambling laws to back Amber Hill at Bet365 as she takes to the 2016 Rio Olympics are likely to find her amongst the favorites to at least medal and whilst she may be the only competitor to use pink cartridges to match her nail varnish (a personal foible we’re told) there’s every chance that Amber Hill will return to her home in Bracknell with gold, but even if not she’ll enjoy it all “I get to travel the world and represent my country, which is incredible, I love that shooting is unique and anyone can take part. Taking up shooting has changed my life.

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