Bet On Discus Throw at the 2019 Doha World Championships

  • Swedish discus thrower Daniel Ståhl is the favored Doha World Championships gold medalist
  • Andrius Gudžius looks to defend 2017 World Championships title
Bet On Discus Throw at the 2019 Doha World Championships
Daniel Ståhl is the bookies' favorite

The IAAF World Championships will soon return with international discus throw athletes competing for the world title in Doha. Currently, you can bet on discus throw front runner Daniel Ståhl to be the next world champion. 

The men’s discus throw event at the Doha World Championships will start on 28 September with the final on 30 September. You can bet on discus throw hopefuls on Unibet Sportsbook with the following betting odds: 

Bet on Discus Throw at the 2019 Doha World Championships at Unibet Sportsbook
Daniel Ståhl 1.50
Fedrick Dacres 2.75
Andrius Gudžius 6.50
Mason Finley 41.00
Simon Pettersson 251.00

Bet on discus throw 2019 Doha World Championships favorite Daniel Ståhl 

Sweden’s Daniel Ståhl currently has the best Unibet Sportsbook odds at 1.50 to win the discus throw event in Doha. Daniel Ståhl will also be looking to claim his first gold medal at the IAAF World Championships. His best result at the competition was a 2nd place finish at the 2017 London World Championships. 

Fortunately you can bet on discus throw top contender Daniel Ståhl with good odds on the online sportsbooks in Sweden. Additionally, he will also enter the 2019 World Championships with a good competitive record. His most recent big wins come from the 2019 Stockholm and Doha IAAF Diamond league. 

Additionally, this year he’s gotten off on the right foot breaking the discus throw world record at the Doha IAAF Diamond League. He’s also sent a strong message to the World Championships contenders by also breaking the Swedish discus throw record with 71.29 meters. 

Fedrick Dacres could celebrate 1st IAAF World Championships win at Doha 

Jamaican athlete Fedrick Dacres currently trails behind front runner Daniel Ståhl with a good chance of claiming gold. According to the online sportsbook news in Sweden his odds of winning are 2.75 on Unibet Sportsbook. So far his biggest accomplishments include gold at the 2018 Commonwealth Games and 2018 Continental Cup. Similarly to Daniel Ståhl, Dacres is also a strong competitor in the Diamond League with 6 wins since 2017. 

However, he’s yet to be among the medalists at the World Championships. Fortunately, you can bet on discus throw hopeful Fedrick Dacres with promising Unibet Sportsbook odds. He also recently broke the national record with a 70.78 m throw at the Rabat 2019 Diamond League. Hopefully this career achievement will boost his confidence entering the Doha World Championships.  

Andrius Gudžius looks to extend title as the world discuss throw champion 

Bet On Discus Throw at the 2019 Doha World Championships
Andrius Gudžius

This year, all eyes will be on Andrius Gudžius to defend his 2017 World Championships title in Doha. Additionally, having won the 2018 European Championships, Andrius Gudžius will be the athlete to beat at the 2019 athletics meet. You can bet on discus throw 2017 World Championships gold medalist to repeat his success this year on Unibet Sportsbook

However, if you want to bet on discuss throw hopeful Andrius Gudžius, you should be mindful of his 2019 season. So far, he hasn’t claimed any significant honors and this could potentially affect his performance in Doha.

American discus thrower Mason Finley likely to miss out on top 3 finish 

2 years ago, Mason Finley celebrated a bronze medal finish at the 2017 World Championships beating current top hopeful Fedrick Dacres. Mason Finley (41.00) also managed to record a personal best discus throw at 68.03 m. However, it’s unlikely that the American will be celebrating much at the end of the 2019 Doha World Championships. 

At the moment, he stands a small chance on Unibet Sportsbook to win the discus throw event in Doha. Consequently, it might be a bit risky to bet on discuss throw hopeful Mason Finley. So far this year, he’s finished a majority of his tournaments outside of the top 4. 

He recorded a 7th place finish at both the 2019 Diamond League competitions in Doha and Sweden. Unfortunately, this means he might suffer the same fate at the World Champions with a top 7 finish. 

Bet on discus throw underdog Simon Pettersson to make a shock win at the 2019 World Championships 

Sweden’s Simon Pettersson is also a risky 2019 World Championships player to bet on discus throw. He has one of the worst odds of winning on Unibet Sportsbook at 251.00. Be sure to read about Unibet Sportsbook, the bookmaker to bet on Simon Pettersson and more. 

Additionally, he finished the 2017 World Championships 11th place and it’s unlikely that he’ll make amends with a gold finish in Doha. However, he finished the 2018 European Championships in a respectable 4th place. This can perhaps be enough to earn his a top 10 finish at the upcoming World Championships. 

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