Bingo Market Statistics of 2021 – A Review of Last Year


Posted: January 6, 2022

Updated: January 6, 2022

  • The market performance of the Bingo industry
  • The worth of the Bingo industry as of 2022
  • Bingo Market Statistics of 2021

2021 has been a fruitful year for the online bingo sites in the UK. If you are interested in rediscovering bingo in 2022, then this article was made for you. And if you are new to playing online bingo, then you should check out our bingo tips for beginners. Whether you are a bingo player or just a fan of market statistics, we have everything you might be looking for. There are business owners within the industry who dedicated themselves to modernizing the world of bingo, by applying it to a wide variety of audiences and players. With this, let’s check out the bingo market statistics of 2021.

Talking Money in The Bingo Market Statistics of 2021

We already covered the biggest bingo success stories. But if you are interested in the actual numbers, then check out our bingo market statistics of 2021. First, let’s start with how much the industry is worth. According to the analysis of the Data Bridge, the online bingo market statistics of 2021 are indicating that the value of online bingo markets is going to reach $128.338.5 Million by 2028. Because the current standing is around $79.000.0 million. And there is one very interesting thing about the market. Their chart shows that online bingo interest is steadily and equally increasing across the whole world. It seems that the market keeps reinforcing itself.

Why is Online Bingo So Popular?

If you are wondering why bingo is popular, you might also want to understand why its increase rate is so absurd. The answer is pretty simple. Bingo’s popularity itself is not increasing. It seems that there is a majority of people who are passively going to try online bingo out.

Bingo Market Statistics of 2021
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Because it is not bingo that is becoming more popular. It is the increasing population and the advancement of our technology that results in more people being able to reach out to the market. While many would claim that this is just a theory, there is no better answer for this phenomenon. The other possibilities might be the increasing legalization of the gambling industry overall.

Bingo Markets Statistics of 2021

And when we are speaking of Bingo as a market. According to the statistics of Gamblinginsider, Bingo as a market is possessing admirable numbers. In 2009, the whole industry in the United Kingdom was worth over $560 million. Considering the rise in popularity, the industry can easily be worth over around two billion dollars. While this information is 12 years old, it can help us find the difference between online bingo with and without our recent technological outbreaks.

Virtual or Offline Bingo?

It seems that the world is moving towards times, when offline attendance for all forms of gambling, is done not for the sake of gambling, but for the vibe it gives. The luxurious palaces of Las Vegas, or the bubbling social nightlife of smaller casinos. Offline gamblers are finding community in these places, instead of hoping for a jackpot. Most people have already started playing casual gambling on their phones or computers. And bingo is definitely not an exclusion.

Bingo Market Statistics of 2021
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By 2050, it is possible that bingo is only going to exist as an online activity. Offline stations might be offering connections to their digital services. Do not worry about being too young or too old, you can start playing bingo anytime, either for the sake of community or to win cash.

The Average Bingo Player

According to the statistics of the Bingobooks, the Bingo industry enjoys 60.000 average players. And the average player is a 53 years old female. With high school education and a non-remote job. They play bingo 3-4 times a week, and they smoke cigarettes. Their annual income ranges from $32,000 – $75,000. These statistics would further confirm the theory of the bingo market statistics of 2021. Because if this is the average profile of a bingo player, we can see that this is the profile of an average person in 2022. And with the advancement of technology, these statistics can be predicted to change in the future. The average age will decrease to around 30 years old. And by 2025, most online bingo players will work remotely.

Average Win Rate Bingo Market Statistics of 2021

According to the calculations made by the Wizardofodds, it takes at least 41 calls for a single player to win a bingo number. The required calls are decreasing based on the number of players in the room. With 1000 players, it would take 10 turns before someone would get a bingo.

Bingo Market Statistics of 2021
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The average price ranges between $50 to $300 based on how much the person plays. While one individual might win over $50.000, these rare winnings could only elevate the average winnings to the maximum of $600 dollars, and that is, only if we are adding up probabilities up to the last thirty years.

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