Hot And Cold Online Slots: True or False

  • Some gamblers believe that there are hot and cold online slots.
  • But is this theory trustworthy? Let’s try to figure it out.
hot and cold online slots

Many gamblers believe that there are hot and cold online slots. Where did this theory come from? According to any certified software, the gameplay algorithm runs the same way. Moreover, each licensed provider will confirm that this is the most important requirement for a casino with a good reputation. Therefore, there cannot be any hot and cold slot machines, can they? In our article, we will try to answer this interesting question.

Hot and cold slots: Theory 

It is not clear where the information about such machines came from, but this error appeared even before the creation of online casinos. Some players did not understand the slot strategy and how the mathematical formulas work. And later, when in land-based establishments the “device busy” sign appeared, it only spurred players on. However, the percentage of return of the machine does not change during the game process. Thus, all the opposite information is more like a fairy tale. RTP is a constant value that cannot be influenced by betting schemes, rituals, and other external things.

The theory of hot and cold online slots is based on the opinion of players who believed that the algorithms of the devices can be fooled by doing certain actions. For example, dynamically increasing the bet, making 100 spins in the slot, etc. The first gaming machine was created at the end of the 19th century by Charles Fey. And, in reality, since that time, gaming machines work the same as now. There is no changeable percentage of returns in the machines and their main secret is that there are no secrets. People who believe in hot and cold slots do this because of a lack of understanding of the principles of a casino operation.

hot and cold online slots
Slot temperature? Yeah of course…

Online casinos do not “measure the temperature”

At online gambling sites in the USA, sometimes there are problems with games which outcomes can be predicted like blackjack and poker. However, gambling platforms in every way prevent users from making calculations. Although Video slots with jackpots have more specific rules, all other types of slot machines work according to the specified settings. For example, in machines with a large dispersion of users, they can put in $ 1,000, and only after that get a win. Thus, it is far from the fact that the money received will block expenses. Remember while playing slots in the Intertops casino – it all depends on luck and nothing more!

Each slot machine is a symbiosis of a good plot, nice graphics, and mathematical formulas that solve everything over a long distance. If the slot has a 95% return, then at a distance each user will lose 5% of each bet in it. Think about it and you don’t want to believe in “hot” and “cold” machines. 

Why there are no hot and cold online slots?

Online casinos in the USA do not need such a trick, because thanks to the correct mathematical formulas, everything works just right. Moreover, a casino with a high rating does not make sense to deceive its visitors and spoil its reputation. Manipulating on a low awareness of the player is the prerogative of dishonest institutions. Hot and cold online slots are just rumors that poison players who do not understand the gambling entertainment algorithm. 

If you play slot machines for demo loans and believe that there are tactics for defeating them, then it’s okay. However, if you bet on money, it can lead to a big loss and difficult life situations. Those gamblers who believe in the existence of such machines lose much more money than those users who understand the principles of a casino operation. One may think that the outcome of the gameplay can be influenced. However, you can not argue with the law of mathematics as a science.

To sum it up, gamblers who place bets on money should better focus on choosing a reliable institution. And thoughts about the “temperature” slots should have no place in your head. Better read our article about How to play online slots,  visit the Intertops Casino, and try your luck. This is a good and reliable gambling platform that respects its customers. The wheel of fortune will for sure turn to your side!

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