Next Residence of the Sussexes: Where Harry and Meghan Will Move Next?


Posted: April 9, 2020

Updated: April 9, 2020

  • Meghan and Harry have been living in Canada since January
  • They are rumored to look for a new place to stay in the USA
  • A chance that the Sussexes will be back to the UK is bigger
Image source: Mark Jones / CC BY via Wikimedia Commons

Since Harry and Meghan have stepped down as working royals, they are free to live wherever they want. Currently the couple rents a house in North Saanich, however, few people think that they will stay in Canada forever. What can be the next residence of the Sussexes?

Last January, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle decided to give up on their duties as members of the Royal Family. Having saved their titles as Duke and Duchess of Sussex, the couple moved to North Saanich in Canada. Harry, Meghan, and their son Archie seemed to be happy there, however, the last news reported that the family was looking for a mansion in Malibu. This made fans guess whether the next residence of the Sussexes will be the USA? Or are they still expected to be back in Great Britain? Let’s see what experts from online sportsbooks in Canada think about it.

Meghan and Harry can move to the United States

As we have already mentioned, the latest news reported about the Sussexes’ willingness to buy a mansion in Malibu. Moving to the US makes sense for Harry and especially Meghan as she is a former actress. We have no doubts that many producers will be happy to sign her up for any TV series or films as she can bring rates to the new heights. Moreover, Markle was born in the US, so why couldn’t she come back home?

Although 22Bet Sportsbook doesn’t have odds on California, you can bet on the next residence of the Sussexes to be Washington DC, Las Vegas or Miami. The last variant seems the most possible for three things: it’s warm, fancy, and far from a rush. Living in Nevada state would be too uncomfortable for privacy-seekers due to millions of tourists seeking casinos and entertainment. The capital city of the US is a good option too and 11.00 odds also demonstrate that.

 | Matt Brown | Flickr
Harry and Meghan in Lego – Image via Flickr

Will they stay in Canada forever?

Nevertheless, the Sussexes’ current residence is a private house in North Saanich, Canada. The couple rented a mansion there once they had announced their resignation from Royal duties. Canada is a good choice for the couple for a number of reasons. Firstly, this is the neutral territory between Meghan’s home country and Harry’s allegiance to the UK. None of them will feel like a guest on the other’s territory. Then, the country is much calmer than the US, but gives the Royals more freedom than the UK. Finally, Harry and Meghan are not as much disturbed by the media in North Saanich as they will be in their home countries. Therefore, 26.00 odds at 22Bet Sportsbook show that the Duke and Duchess should choose Canada as their permanent residence.

The UK remains the most possible next residence of the Sussexes

All in all, the best predictions about the next residence of the Sussexes point to Great Britain, Harry’s home country. Although he and Meghan have stepped back from their duties, there’s nothing holding them back from returning to the UK. They don’t even have to choose England as a permanent residence: 5.00 odds at 22Bet Sportsbook show Balaller in Scotland as a perfect place to live. Another good option would be moving to the capital, Edinburgh, which is more crowded though.

The best odds on Meghan & Harry show Berkshire as their next residence. The Royal County in South East England is a place of the presence of Windsor Castle, a residence of the Royals. Moving back to Harry’s family even for a while looks understandable too and 2.20 odds prove that. If you still struggle while choosing the right variant, read how to bet on celebrities and win.

You can discover more about these odds here at 22Bet Sportsbook.

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