Online Casinos Money Withdrawal Problems: Learn From Others’ Mistakes


Posted: June 29, 2020

Updated: June 29, 2020

  • Almost no player is safe from online casinos money withdrawal problems.
  • In our article, we will help you indicate payment issues and fix them.

Usually, for every gambler, the withdrawal of the winning funds is an extremely positive event. However, sometimes it turns out quite the opposite. Moreover, almost no player is safe from this because no one knows what “surprise” a casino can present to its customer who is trying to withdraw money. The gambler may experience several negative aspects, which, ultimately, adversely affect one’s income. Our article will help you indicate online casinos money withdrawal problems. Forewarned is forearmed!

ID Verification: Please provide a scan of your passport!

Let’s imagine that you have deposited a large sum of money on your online casino account. After some time, you have been extremely fortunate to increase your initial capital several times. What to do in such a situation? Of course, you need to immediately withdraw money! With high spirits, lucky you will rush to a previously unexplored place – a section for money withdrawal. However, there may be a very unpleasant surprise waiting for you: the online casino permits the withdrawal only by providing a passport scan copy.

Online Casinos Money Withdrawal Problems
Always verify yourself.

Basically, we can hardly call it one of the online casinos money withdrawal problems but rather an inconvenience. You need to provide a scan of your passport (or some other document certifying your ID) and wait for a certain period while the casino’s administration approves the document. Moreover, it is worth noting that recently many online casinos in the USA pay their attention to the ID Verification process. All this is done for your safety, therefore, do not hesitate to provide your documents to reliable online gambling platforms like Bovada Casino. Be extremely careful because those casinos which have No ID Verification can turn out to be scammers.

Online casinos money withdrawal problems: Sorry, your payment system does not work

When entering the payment method section in any of the online casinos in the USA, your screen will sparkle with plenty of bright colors. These will be all the logos of the payment systems with which the online casino works. There are really a lot of them! Scrolling through the list you will for sure find some familiar logos. You may choose any system comfortable for you. Then you will see the caption: “Enter the desired withdrawal amount.” And after you have specified all the data, a comforting inscription will appear on your screen: “The indicated amount will be credited to your account within ‘N’ days.”

However, the indicated period may have long passed, but the money still has not appeared on the account. “What’s the matter? Where are my funds? Are they stolen?” – these might be your first thoughts when something like this happens. In this case, do not lose your time and contact the Support team of the casino. After a while, the answer may come: “The withdrawal of your funds is not possible due to problems with the payment system you have chosen. Please, try to withdraw finances to other electronic wallets, or bank cards. In order to withdraw money to other payment systems, you should make a minimum deposit. Only then the money will be available to you.”  Now you need to find another payment system you can use. That’s it! Be sure that no further inconvenience will happen. You can find more information about this process in our article Wagering Requirement Explained.

Online Casinos Money Withdrawal Problems
Be careful!

The casino has run out of money: Is it possible?

Unfortunately, some gamblers have faced these online casinos money withdrawal problems when they have received a “funny” letter: “Sorry for the inconvenience, our casino has run out of finances. We will write to you when they appear.” In this case, there’s really nothing to be done, you just have to wait. However, in order not to find yourself in this situation, you should gamble on reliable platforms like Bovada Casino. There you can be sure to always receive your winnings!

Online casinos money withdrawal problems: Scammers

If a very long time has passed, and there is still no response from the casino and no money on your account, you have met the scammers. But what can you do in such a situation? You can collect all the evidence and go to the police to write a statement. However, sometimes scammers work extremely professionally and there is a little chance to trace them. Therefore, be careful while gambling online, as well as learn all the payment methods details in advance. And, of course, choose only trustworthy online platforms like Bovada Casino. Gamble safely!

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