Seven Reasons Not to Visit Las Vegas


Posted: January 31, 2020

Updated: January 31, 2020

  • It's fake, cheap and plastic. Both the buildings and the people.
  • Rubbish service and awful food
  • Everyone is chasing money


If you’ve never visited Las Vegas, then don’t worry. You haven’t missed out on anything. People always think that Las Vegas is heaven for gamblers. Well, that’s only part of the story. Those same people are over looking the whores, pimps and wanna be gangsters. I’ve had the misfortune of visiting. So you don’t have to.

Introduction: Seven Reasons Not to Visit Las Vegas

But, but…what about the fabulous shows, I hear you plea. Or the amazing buffet lunches and dinners? And all those stunning sights? Even according to online casino news from the US, it’s all fake plastic shit. Let me give you the real low down on this den of sadness and filth.

1 – Dozens of Gambling Options in Las Vegas

Well duh, it’s a city build on the premise of separating your average Joe from his pay packet. There are a lot of casinos in a relatively small space. With all the bright lights and noise, and with casinos on every side of the street competing for your business, it does appear to be awfully busy. Flashing signs proclaim places to play poker, roulette and black jack. Other promise winnings at baccarat, video poker and keno. As they do with online sites like Free Spin Casino, but without the hassle. Promoters and hustlers stand in the street handing out flyers. They violently thrust them into your unwilling hands as they try to entice you inside because their income depends on it. When you look at them, there’s a mixture of desperation in that wide and meaningless fake smile, coupled with a dead-behind-the eyes look from dealing with a public who look right through you.

2 – Memorable Vegas Shows

It’s true that the city can attract big name stars and celebrities. There are always a plethora of shows playing at any one time. Wanna see Celine Dion, the Blue Man Group or Circus du Soleil? One of then is bound to be a fixture for the season. At the ticket office we were told that all the cheapest tickets had sold out. After some back and forth with my partner, the lady behind the counter said that she could do me a favor and offered us a discount. And guess what? We found that the theater was only half full. It was a lie. When I returned to the ticket office, she threatened me with “security”. And that, in a nutshell, is every story in this city. The reality is it’s just another marketing ploy to get you into a casino. And the shows themselves seem so over produced and tired. All emotion and sentiment is totally lost. Like an exotic and brightly colored dessert, that looks delicious, but taste totally bland.

3 – Fremont Street Experience

Oh you must take a walk down Freemont Street! Said nobody! Don’t bother. Just another one of many  reasons not to visit Las Vegas. Consider that I’ve done it for you to save you both the effort and the heart ache. Like your fat uncle’s shitty disco, lots of flashing lights and noise, but absolutely no substance. Again, the same sad and broken street performers who’s number one priority is getting cash out of you. If you happen to stand but for half a minute and watch one, they’ll later pursue you aggressively, like libel lawyers, demanding money into their hat. And there’s a very good chance you’ll be pick-pocketed as well. Finally, there are a boat load of old and used up whores, who, like the show promoters, are handing out pornographic flyers to anyone with a pairs of hands. Including children. A truly depressing experience.

4 – Amazing Dining Options

I guess that the main reason people go on and on about the amazing food in Las Vegas is that they’ve never eaten anywhere apart from middle America. From an outsider’s perspective it’s easy to see that the idea is to move diners through the seats as quickly as possible. To fill them with the cheapest and most filling rubbish. Lots of empty starch and sugar. The food is really less then canteen level. More like slop for the pigs. No care or love of cooking is involved. Just an eye on the costs of the basic ingredients. Because most of the folks there are retards, they mistake quantity for quality. Like cockroaches feeding on a discarded moldy doughnut. And though the food is cheap, the sheer amount of waste will test your ethical values to breaking point. I dare you to peek inside the kitchen. Staring back at you will be the tired eyes of the disheveled and exploited Mexican cheap labor.

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Don’t Bother

5 – Bragging Rights

Why on earth would any sane person want to admit they were in Las Vegas? Of all reasons not to visit Las Vegas this would be the most pathetic. You’d get more sympathy admitting you were a pedo or were carrying coronavirus. There’s nothing, but nothing, positive to convey to another person about any one minute spent there. It’s just a dumping ground for the poor and ignorant to get poorer.  And if you happen to have friends who believe that Vegas is cool or hip, just shoot them in the head there and then. You just did the world a service. No one needs friends like that. If you’re gonna gamble, just stay home and try one of these online casino sites in the US.

6 – Interesting Las Vegas History

Let’s face it, the history of Las Vegas is younger than any church door in Europe. All the “history” is very, very recent. And even then, it’s nothing to be proud of. Essentially it’s the history of mafia thugs and corrupt politics. The funny thing is that there are even museums and exhibitions proudly dealing with the foundation of the city. And like the stupid miniature Eiffel Tower and the brackish waters of the canals of fake Venice, both the history and the telling of it is “Disney-fied”…a vividly colorful, cheap and plastic retelling of a story that never was. A bit like Michael Bay directing a My Little Pony movie.

7 – Street Performers

These are just the worse. Maybe some of the planet’s least talented and most desparate people have, over time, found their way to this city. Yes, all of them. And here they can all feel like they belong in one huge rubbish tribe, praising their vacant God of Shit. If aggressive scamming and being a useless performer are your thing, then you’ll feel right at home here on the pavements of Freemont Street. It’s not about what they can offer the audience. It’s about what they can screw out of them. I dare you to watch any performer for more than two seconds. Even out the very corner of your eye. On the third second, as you turn to walk away from their lazy and depressing act, they’ll jump on you and demand, with menaces, money. It’s all about the hustle. There’s no joy or originality there.

Conclusion: Seven Reasons Not to Visit Las Vegas

Las Vegas was built by gangsters. Always keep that in mind. Because, if you were to examine the city under a powerful microscope, you’d find those qualities remain in it’s DNA. The idea being to take the stupid working poor, and put them through a wringer till all the cash they came with is gone. And then convince them that they had a good time. So that they’ll come again. And like the proverbial Lemmings, they do! You really couldn’t make this up. Just stay home and use Free Spin Casino. Did you know that the hotel windows can’t be opened in case some poor loser decided to take a jump? Says it all really.

One day, the God’s will grow tired. They’ll  cause the air conditioning to fail through out the city. And it’ll quickly return to the desert dust from whence it sprung. And no one, but no one, will shed a single tear.

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