Weirdest Water Sports

  • You can find several extreme water sports if you want to try something new
  • Underwater versions of hockey, football and rugby all exist
  • Thrilling ones include flyboarding or barefoot skiing
weirdest water sports

It’s hot and sunny outside, so most of us just want to get into the cold water to cool ourselves. Swimming, surfing or rafting are great activities, but if you want to try out something new, let’s take a look on the following list with the weirdest water sports. Who knows, you might be inspired to try one of them out this summer!

From time to time new sports are born, with some of them being absolutely stupid while others can actually become world-famous. Like skateboarding and surfing which are part of the Olympic program now. Or teqball, the combination of football and table tennis which is getting more famous all around the world. Some of the latest sports you might not even heard of like earthing, which consists of running and swimming in short distances.  There are also several new ball games, like 360Ball, which is like squash played in a circuit. But as it’s summer, we wanted to make a list of the craziest water sports invented recently, here are the best 5 we found. 

5. Flyboarding belongs to the weirdest water sports

Everyone would love to fly one day, even just for a short time. Now with flyboarding you can experience it, you only have to keep your balance on the board. So it’s a board connected by a long hose to a watercraft.  You can go up to 22m in the air or dive into the water if you feel like doing it. It’s not an easy sport, you might need a day or so to  learn the technique, but after you can reach the sky. The flyboard was invented by French water-craft rider, Franky Zapata in 2012. There has even been a world championship in flyboard since 2012, when 50 professional flyboarders competed. French Stephane Prayas became the first world champion as online sportsbook news in France were reporting. 

weirdest water sports
Let’s play some weird ones.

4. Underwater Hockey, special version of the real sport

Actually underwater hockey or as it’s often called, “octopush” is a sport from the 1950s. It is really what its name suggests, the underwater version of hockey, where players push a weighted down puck around the bottom of a pool with sticks in order to score a goal. Everyone is wearing snorkels and masks, but of course you still need to come up quite often to the surface for oxygen. So it is a bit chaotic, but it doesn’t affect its growing popularity all over the world. Probably it’s not in the list of the biggest betting sites, like bet365, but you can still bet on its normal versions. 

3. Barefoot skiing, just for the bravest

There are several sports you can do on the actual surface of the water, like wakeboarding, wakestaking or kitesurfing. But one of the most special versions is barefoot water skiing, where you don’t use any board, only your foot. Not sure how painful it is when you’re pulled behind a powerboat by a rope as you’re gliding along the water reaching up to 30mph. But it’s definitely a special experience if you’re not afraid of extreme sports. It is most famous in Florida, where you can find the World Barefoot Center. Florida hosts this summer the MLS is Back tournament and the restart of the NBA as well, odds are available on bet365. 

weirdest water sports
This, but barefoot.

2. Horse surfing, perfect for animal lovers

Horse surfing definitely belongs to the weirdest water sports I’ve ever heard of. In this sport, surfers are on a board which is being towed by a horse. While someone is  riding the horse in the shallow water. If you love animals and water sports, it might just be the perfect sport for you. It was invented for people who wanted to experience surfing in a more safe area. Like shallow lakes and shores and not in the deep water.  It still sounds quite extreme, but at least it’s a green version. Unlike being towed by a speed boat powered by a gas engine. 

1. Underwater rugby, the softer version of rugby

As we already mentioned underwater hockey, there is an underwater version of football as well. But the weirdest sounding sport for me is underwater rugby. Here two teams of 6 players chase a plastic ball filled with water and try to score in the opponents’ goal at the bottom of a swimming pool. The sport was created by German diving clubs in the 1960s, the first world championship was held in 1980.

It hasn’t got too much common with real rugby of course, where physical contact is very important. Here though it’s not very likely to run or crash into the other player. Which also eliminates the risk of injury. If you prefer the real version though, France will host the next Rugby World Cup in 2023. Online gambling sites in France are hoping for a great performance from the home country. They are offering the odds of 7.00 for their win. 

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