What’s Wrong With Cockfighting?

  • Is cock fighting a felony or a misdemeanor?
  • The birds love to fight
  • The sport is slowly dying out
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Cock fighting is illegal in most of the countries
Image source: Pixabay

What’s wrong with cockfighting? After all the birds are dumb and like to fight. The US state of Utah, along with Mormons and Salt Lake City, has a penchant for cock fighting. It’s one of the only states whereby the “sport” is classed as a misdemeanor as opposed to a felony.

Introduction: What’s Wrong With Cockfighting?

A Utah State senator named Allen Christensen was very to the point when he said that: the birds “naturally want to do this thing in their lives,” and (probably worse, “Utah allows women to have abortions, so why doesn’t it allow people to strap knives to roosters’ claws and get them to cut each other to pieces for entertainment?” In other words, there’s nothing wrong with cock fighting. Cocks fight naturally. But on the other point, let’s tie up abortion with any matter at hand. For example, “Pass me that apple…as your aborted fetus can’t pass shit!” Or “Look at the pretty flower…oh, I forgot you murdered your fetus and it can’t see shit!” So, let’s have a look at what’s the big deal with cockfighting?

Save the Hens

The Humane Society (bless them) says that cock fighting is a barbaric sport. On that we can agree. Cockerels are conscious beings who must therefore feel pain. Yeah, OK. But even though it’s a little bit of a potatoes vs tomatoes argument, you could ask the Humane Society to turn their attention towards the battery farming of chickens. There are, in the US, over 9 billion chickens living in battery farms, for either meat or eggs, under appalling conditions. If lawmakers have concerns for roosters, then why not for hens? (I support “me-too” for all poultry!). Like playing chicken roulette it’s all about the gambling. They should check out Intertops.

Keep It Cheap

Like I said, it’s not really a strong argument comparing farm yard hens with birds forced to fight with razors strapped to their legs. The real problem here is that the public are quite OK with animal cruelty. Provided they don’t see it. Whether factory beef, pork or chicken farming, we really don’t give a flying shit. Just as long as it’s cheap food when it gets to the supermarket, then who cares? We love our KFC! Sure, it’s a crap attitude. As the Manic Street Preachers said, “And if you tolerate this, then your chickens will be next! ”

What's the big deal with cock fighting, weird bets, betting odds, betting predictions, betting tips, online sportsbooks in the US, gamingzion, intertops,
What’s wrong with cockfighting? A Cock Fight, by Jan Steen Author:Jan Steen [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Sleeping With Your Sister

Another factor used against people who enjoy cockfighting is that they are somehow less. The working class hick, the stereo-typical  fat, unshaven, red faced drunken men with huge beer bellies spitting abuse. With a Coors beer in one hand and a cigarette or meth pipe in the other. Dressed in their wife-beaters, with their baseball hats and rubbish tattoos. Driving their pick up trucks and married to their sisters. Yeah…those guys! Like you! They certainly can’t see what’s wrong with cockfighting. The Humane Society (I’m starting to get a bit sick of them and their snob do-goody attitude) goes on to say, “Cockfighting often goes hand in hand with gambling, drug dealing, illegal gun sales, and murder.” Just like dog fighting.

Put Your Cock Away

Sounds like the sort of party you WANT to go to. OK…maybe this Humane Society should get out a little more and they’ll see that there’s nothing wrong with cock fighting. No one is murdering anyone over a couple of dumb birds. Let’s be truthful here, chickens are exceptional when it come to dumbness. (These hicks  actually murder each other over the gambling! Maybe they should gamble online with these online gambling sites in the US) Also, you could, if you tried hard enough, link any activity with crime. Some how. If you were really driven. Let me think about yoga. Or flower arranging.

There’s Nothing Wrong With Cockfighting

Whether cock fighting is a felony or not is a kinda mute point. Peeps are now more aware of animal rights. It’s no longer cool to be entertained by a couple of animals fighting to the death. Though in truth the entertainment value comes from the gambling. (Or the amount of blood spilled, in my case). That’s why it’s still underground. Yep, unsupervised betting pays no taxes. You’re not gonna see cock fighting on ESPN2 Sports TV any time soon. It’s slowly dying out. But I guess they could happily carry on with the cock fighting provided they gambled online with such sites as Intertops. So, to answer the question, what’s wrong with cock fighting? Nothing. Our energies should be put to better use. Like gambling online with these online gambling sites in the US!

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