Best Actress in a Leading Role

2020 Academy Awards are the most prestigious film awards and the most looked forward to, by both the audience and the film world. In the second month of 2020, all the stars will gather at Dolby Theatre in Los Angelas to pay tribute to the work done over the past year. Nominations will soon be announced which may disappoint or make the day for a lot of film enthusiasts. While speculations are underway regarding nominations, 2020 Academy Awards special bets, are making rounds on online gambling sites in the US. ... read more

Glenn Close’s performance is unforgettable and inspiring. Indeed, the actress received over 60 awards and been nominated over a hundred times. What is more, Glenn was also nominated for an Academy Award seven times already, but in the end, she never won. Cinema-goers are now wondering if Close will win the prestigious award in the next couple of years. Check out Glenn Close Oscar betting odds on 22BET Sportsbooks. ... read more