How to Make Money on Political Bets in 2020


Posted: September 30, 2020

Updated: September 30, 2020

  • Nowadays, modern bookmakers offer bets on absolutely all more or less significant and interesting events.
  • Although political events in the betting world may not be that popular, they are great for long-term betting.
  • In our article, you can learn how to make money on political bets.

Nowadays, modern bookmakers offer bets on absolutely all more or less significant and interesting events. And it’s not just about sports events. Culture and politics also do not escape the attention of online sportsbooks. Although political events in the betting world may not be that popular, they are great for long-term betting. Do you want to learn more about it? Then read our article to find out how to make money on political bets. 

There are also more interesting offers from legal bookmakers. Moreover, the advantage of betting on politics is that different bookmakers offer different events, so bettors have the opportunity to monitor and choose the most interesting bets. You don’t have to be an expert in world politics to choose a good forecast. The odds offered by online sportsbooks in the USA for the victories of individual politicians or parties accurately reflect the essence of what is happening. Therefore, it simplifies the task for bettors and reduces risks. We are going to show that political games can also generate income because bookmakers try to diversify their lines as much as possible, which allows everyone to make profitable bets. Let’s get it started!

Features and secrets of online political bets

If the features and secrets of online betting on different sports somehow overlap, then in politics everything is not quite the same. For example, you can bet on sports events a week, a day, an hour before the match, and even during it. In politics, all bets are long-term and are calculated for several months or even for years. Sometimes, the new president hasn’t had time to warm up his seat, and the bookmakers are already offering bets on whoever will replace him.

Besides, there are no complicated names in betting on politics: no totals or races up to ten points for you. Usually, everything is much simpler. The bookmaker asks a question that is understandable even to a first-grader, and we choose one of several answer options. Try your luck in the Bet Online sportsbook. Here, you can not only learn how to make money on political bets but also have fun. Opinion polls do not come close to the number of people who bet on politics. In order not to lose money, bookmakers change the odds and thus show who people support the most.

Sometimes sportsbooks even payout winnings in advance. The situation with the Irish bookmaker Paddy Power turned out to be especially loud in 2016. Back then before the results of the presidential elections in the United States were announced, the office paid winnings to all the players who had bet on Hillary Clinton. Unfortunately, she lost as well as the bookmaker.

Angela Merkel - World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2012 | Flickr
Angela Merkel – Image source: Flickr

Types of political bets

The types of bets on politics are also very different from those offered by bookmakers on sports. For example, in football betting, we can bet on the number of goals in a match and the player who will score next. Meanwhile, in politics, everything is limited to a question and several prepared answer options. We have prepared for you the descriptions of all the types so you can better understand how to make money on political bets.

Bet on the winner of the presidential or mayoral elections

The greatest excitement is always around the presidential elections. Additionally, you can bet on the next mayor of major cities like London, Berlin, or Paris. And if you are interested in Russia’s Next President Odds, you can check them in one of the online sportsbook sites in the USA. Make money on political bets: Parliamentary elections. Also, we can bet on which party will win the elections and take more seats in parliament. Bookmakers give a list of participants, from which we choose the most likely winners. Besides, there is a way how to make money on political bets while deciding who is the Next Liberal Democrat Leader.

Changes in the legislation system

Bookmakers can ironically offer bets on changes in the gambling legislation in the state or, for example, on the Legalization of Medical Marijuana. This also includes the results of referendums in which residents of the country decide on independence (separation of Scotland from Great Britain, Catalonia from Spain). Learn more about how to make money on political bets in the Bet Online sportsbook.

How to make money on political bets: Gender of the politician

When there are a lot of candidates for the position, online bookies in the USA suggest betting not on a specific surname on the door of the office, but something less risky. We are talking about the gender of the politician. Read about the First Female US President Odds and make your winning bet.

how to make money on political bets
Hillary Clinton – Image source: Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America / CC BY-SA via Wikimedia Commons

Special political bets

British bookmakers are especially active in terms of betting on politics because in their country there is a parliamentary monarchy. It means that there is a secular government of elected politicians and there is a royal family where the power is inherited. Thanks to this, online gambling sites in the USA make it possible to bet on all sorts of little things:

  • will the prince’s bride celebrate Christmas at the castle or not;
  • what gender will be and what name will be given to the next baby in the royal family;
  • when and where the wedding will take place with the participation of a member of the royal family, which artists will perform at it, what outfits the bride and groom will wear and which design house will sew them.

Read the 2020 Royal Family Special Bets we have prepared for you. However, much attention is paid not only to members of the British royal family. For example, after Donald Trump’s victory in the US presidential election, bookmakers offered whatever bets on him as well. Donald Trump’s special bets for 2020 will help you choose the best odds and make your winning bet.

Best tips on how to make money on political bets

First things first, try to place your bets on political issues that you understand. Even if you consider yourself a political expert, still analyze the situation in as much detail as possible, taking into account various factors. Don’t forget to take a look at the personality of politicians and their promises. Usually, people do not read the program of changes that the candidates are planning to introduce. Thus, they look at the candidate for the post and listen to him. Indeed, public speeches and debates play a very important role in the distribution of votes in elections.

The rating of candidates or parties is also extremely important. Do not pay attention to public opinion polls: they cover a maximum of several thousand people while tens or hundreds of millions live in the country. Thus, look for open information from analytical agencies that work with big data and research social networks that are used by millions of citizens. Besides, you cannot read about the referendums in Britain only on domestic sites, just like you cannot read about them only in British newspapers. As a rule, each media outlet adheres to certain views and supports a particular party. Thus, you need to use many sources to collect a complete picture of the situation.

how to make money on political bets
Tonald Drump

Indeed, the bets on politics are long-term, so take your time. The odds for an event will most likely not drop sharply. Thus, it is better to take the time to analyze everything thoroughly. Online betting sites in the USA can also become a good source of information as well as our website. Just check the latest odds on a political event in Bet Online and pick the best option for you. Making real money is simple. Good luck!

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