The Top 4 Cringeworthy Soccer Chants

  • Sunderland fans came up with the weirdest soccer chant ever about their player in prison
  • Manchester United supporters were singing about their striker’s genitals
  • American fans also can be awkward when it comes to chanting
We've collected you some of the weirdest chants around...

While there are amazing ways to show your dedication towards your club, we often hear chants that are rather cringy. Some fans like to sing about their players’ genitals or toilet habits. We’ve checked out a lot of these songs, and collected the top 4 cringeworthy soccer chants for you.

Chants are a part of the game. It’s a brilliant way for the crowd to support their team while entertaining themselves at the same time. There have been funny, heart-warming, and a lot of mean chants around, however, we’re going for a different topic here. We’ve actually collected you some pretty cringeworthy songs – here are our picks for the weirdest soccer chants.

4. Atlanta fans still have a lot to learn when it comes to chanting

MLS soccer is definitely getting bigger. Based on our latest review about Bovada we know that many Americans bet at their site on soccer. It’s not just them, this sport is getting more popular at most of the online sportsbook sites in the United States. It has hit the headlines recently that the attendance was higher at the MLS final than it was at the Super Bowl in the same stadium. Actually, we are talking about 73 000 people, which puts our expectations very high when it comes to enthusiastic American soccer fans. Then, the reality is this:

This happens when you really get into Green Street Hooligans. “This is Atlanta, you better watch your mouth!” – shouts the scary dad of Murica. There are so many weird things going on in this video. The lyrics are ridiculous, the drumming is messed up, there’s a trumpet player who can’t play the trumpet… To be fair, we’ve seen a lot of great chants from MLS fans who’ve created amazing atmosphere in their stadiums, greetings to them. This video’s still funny though.

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3. Manchester United fans were accused of racism after their controversial chant

Manchester United signed Belgian striker Romelu Lukaku in 2017. He’s already played more than 50 matches and the fans seem to love their Big Rom. By “big” you’d think he’s a tall or strong guy, which he is. However, Manchester United supporters went even further when they were describing their new forward’s attributes.

“Oh Romelu Lukaku, he’s our Belgian scoring genius, with a 24-inch penis, scoring all the goals, b***end by his toes”– United fans used to sing.

Anti-racism charity Kick It Out stated that the lyrics are not acceptable. They said that people should avoid racist stereotypes even when they use them to support a player. Yet, the fans didn’t stop singing their song, even when the FA threatened their club with a fine.

Lukaku had to release a statement, in which he thanked the fans’ support, but had to ask them to sing about something else. Though that was the end of the story, it’s interesting how another song didn’t catch anyone’s attention. In another cringeworthy chant, Manchester United fans have been singing about the assumed dining habits of their Korean legend Park Ji Sung.

“Park, Park, wherever you may be, you eat dogs in your country. It could be worse, you could be scouse, eating rats in your council house.”

2. You can support a player by singing about his toilet break

Earlier, in one of our articles we were writing about how uncomfortable it can be for a footballer when nature calls them in the middle of a game. This once happened to former Southampton player, Jason Puncheon. He had to leave the pitch for a toilet break, and when he returned, the home fans welcomed him with a brand new chant.

“He went for a sh*t, Jason Puncheon, he went for a sh*t” – they sung.

Meanwhile even the commentator reacted to the events: “It looks like the crowd knows exactly why he left the field”. They appeared to love the topic so much they’ve instantly come up with another one, that could be the runner up of our top 4 weirdest soccer chants.

“He sh*ts when he wants, Jason Puncheon, he sh*ts when he wants.”

1. Sunderland fans showing support for their pedophile player has to be the most cringeworthy soccer chant ever

As we’ve written this article, footballers are people too, they make mistakes, and some of them commit crimes. A few of them even have to go to prison, even if that sounds shocking to some invincible legends. However, footballers, like anyone else, don’t deserve any praise if they mess things up very badly.

Former Sunderland player, Adam Johnson did mess things up very badly. He was arrested for having sexual activity with an underage girl and was sent to prison for 6 years. He pleaded guilty in kissing the 15-year-old girl and talking to her via social media for months. “Got talking to her for a few weeks, then I met up with her and I’ve f**king kissed her. For 6 years I wish I’ve f**d her.” – Johnson said behind the bars.

It’s one thing, for instance, to debate about the length of Johnson’s imprisonment and another to praise what he’s done. Sunderland fans have basically done the latter. “He sh*gs who he wants, Adam Johnson, he sh*gs who he wants” – they chanted in an away game at Hull. Even if it happened 24 hours after Johnson was arrested, and before his trials, singing that is simply not acceptable. And it’s also weird as hell.

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