Top 5 Games Like Bingo For Online Casino Players


Posted: November 23, 2023

Updated: November 23, 2023

Though initially seen as an older persons game, bingo is now making a comeback with the younger generation thanks to it introduction at online casinos. After all, it's simple to play as well as maintaining it's social aspects. However, for those who love bingo, but are looking for something else similar, then we have compiled a list of games like bingo that you can dive into straight away.

From its origins in 16th-century Italy to its vibrant presence in the US during the 1960s, According to online gambling news in the US, bingo has evolved significantly. Its popularity soared across Europe and the US, creating bustling bingo halls that were a haven for family-friendly entertainment. While interest waned in the early 2000s, the emergence of online bingo revived its allure, swapping physical cards for digital ones in newwer games like bingo.

Today, there is an array of games that offer the same blend of chance, skill, and strategy that these game aficionados enjoy. Thanks to the rapid evolution of mobile technology, players can simply fire-up their phones and start playing with mobile gambling apps from anywhere. For us here at, we like to head over to our favourite online casino, Bet365 Bingo, whenever the urge to play bingo ever strikes. With this in mind, here are five captivating alternatives for those who enjoy playing popular types of bingo online from the comfort of their homes.

Thrilling Games Like Bingo

Drawing inspiration from many traditional and beloved board games, these alternative games like bingo harness the addictive aspect that makes bingo so captivating.


NMBR 9, a popular board game originating from Germany, involves a deck of 20 cards numbered 0-9 and 80 geometrically-shaped tiles with corresponding numbers. Players use the shuffled cards as a kind of random number generator. The tiles are distributed among the players, and as numbers are drawn, each player builds their stack of tiles, ensuring each tile touches another on the same level.

Tiles can be placed atop multiple tiles without overhanging those beneath them. The objective is to create the tallest stack, with players calculating their scores based on the accumulated tile values once all cards are drawn. Tiles at the base hold zero value, while those on higher levels are multiplied by their level (e.g., level one multiplies by one, level two by two, and so on). The player with the highest total wins.

Games Like Bingo – 20 Express

20 Express serves as an educational tool for budding mathematicians, helping to get a better grasp of probability, whilst at the same time enhancing strategic thinking. Players aim to construct the longest train of ascending numbers on a card with 20 cars. Randomly drawn numbered tiles prompt players to strategically place them on their respective carriages, blending chance and strategy in an engaging mental challenge.

Take It Easy!

When it comes to games like bingo, Take it Easy! features a card containing 19 hexagonal cells, arranged in a 3×3 hexagon. Each player has a set of 27 hexagonal tiles, with each showcasing unique three-digit number combinations. All are set on coloured lines that form a triple-cross, connecting opposite sides of the hexagon. Tiles are randomly drawn by a designated caller (with rotation for each round), and the called-out combination of each tile prompts players to place it on their board. The objective is to form pathways by connecting the coloured lines on the card, creating a sequence of numbers that are then totaled. After four rounds, the player with the highest cumulative score emerges victorious.

Games Like Bingo – Karuba

Karuba, another popular German game, shares similarities with Take It Easy! in that its tile-laying mechanics allow players to form paths or roads when tiles are correctly connected. In Karuba, each player guides characters through a jungle to uncover treasure and reach four concealed temples. During their turns, players select tiles with random numbers and place identical tiles on their boards.

Much akin to the process in games like bingo. As turns progress, players’ boards diverge as they position tiles differently and discard others. This leads to unique configurations. The game ends when a player reaches all temples or when all 36 tiles have been drawn. The player with the highest accumulated score, representing collected treasure, emerges as the victor.

Rolling America

Adapted from the Japanese game Rolling Japan, this dice game resembles a geographical version of games like bingo. Each player’s card represents a US map, divided into 50 differently coloured states. Using two coloured six-sided dice (one of seven, including a clear wild die), players draw dice from a bag on their turns and mark down the rolled numbers on the corresponding states on their cards. If a clear die is drawn, the player can assign the number to any state.

The game introduces intriguing rules and limitations to heighten complexity. One such rule prohibits neighbouring states from having numbers with a difference greater than one. When a player cannot place a number without violating this rule, they mark an X in the respective state. After eight rounds, the player with the fewest X marks emerges as the winner.

Games Like Bingo You Should Try At Bovada Casino

  • Slingo

Engage in Slingo online, melding elements of 75-ball bingo with iconic features from traditional slot machines, featuring a 5×5 number grid coupled with slot reels below.

  • Free Bingo

A 75-ball game offering up to six free tickets daily, every hour, without requiring a deposit.

  • No Lose Bingo

In this 75-ball game, player deposits are reimbursed if they don’t secure a win.

  • Penny Bingo

Enjoy online bingo for a mere penny per ticket, available every day.

  • Bingo Bucks

A betting game enabling players to wager on bingo or Slingo, earning a bingo bonus.

Classic Bingo Games

  • 90-Ball Bingo Game

The predominant online version of the game employs 90-ball bingo cards. To secure a win in 90-ball bingo, a player can achieve victory by covering all the numbers in a single row, two out of the three rows, or all three rows on their ticket. Payouts fluctuate based on both the ticket price and the number of participants.

  • 75-Ball Bingo Game

This variation features a 5×5 grid, demanding players to cover or daub all the numbers on their tickets for a win. Payouts hinge on the number of players or the ticket cost.

Explore Games Like Bingo At Bet365 Bingo

Discover a plethora of thrilling casino games like bingo and other special offerings at Bet365 Bingo. You’ll find these bingo variations and much more. Afterall, Bet365 Casino is one of the top online casino sites in the US. So all players can feel right at home as they discover all their favourite games, along with some very tasty bonuses and on-going promotions.

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