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The last year have not been easy for Italy – of course, it is true to almost every country in the world. But still, they had their fair share of the difficulties. Although there is one field that have not felt any issues lately. It even started to flourish more than ever. It is the online gaming market in Italy that is living its heydays if we consider revenues. ... read more

These days the idea of gambling on a computer is second nature. Millions of us use online betting sites in the UK like Bet365 without hesitation. The ubiquity of the internet brings us access to a myriad of opportunities in an instant. However, it was gambling in computer games, not on these information superhighway speedsters, which got the ball rolling. From the earliest days of the personal computer revolution before the internet was even a dream, there was strip poker on your VDU. ... read more

Esports is becoming more and more popular these days. As the size of the audience grows, and the world tournaments have started getting more attention from the media, the prize pools are increasing. If you’re wondering how much the esport players make in a year, the answer is- a lot. Last year, The International Dota 2 had an astounding $34 million US dollars of prize fund, which was the largest sum in the esports’ history. One of the equally popular Dota 2 tournaments is the ESL One Los Angeles. The finals tournament is less than a month away, so check out the ESL One Los Angeles 2020 odds as soon as possible. ... read more

Once neglected as just a video game for kids, online gaming has been developed into esports in the last decade. More and more kids are seeking careers as a gamer, which is reasonable since the average salary of a professional gamer is around 60.000 dollars a year. The highest-paid players get around 350.000 dollars each year, not taking account of the huge sum of prize money. So how much do esports players make in a year? ... read more

Here are some useful phrases for the casino. When you think of a casino like Free Spin Casino, James Bond is probably the first person to come to mind. Roulette is probably the first game. Though the rules of the game appear to be very simple there’s actually a lot more going on. It’s hiding in the jargon. ... read more

Card Shark vs Card Sharp

So, which is it….card shark vs card sharp? Who would you call a “card shark”? Probably a person who’s good at playing cards. Well, the word “shark” is synonymous with success. And predator. Thanks to that steely hunter like focus. So then, what is a “card sharp”? ... read more